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Emotional Flooding Kills Your Relationship- 4 Ways To Deal With It

Emotional Flooding not only steals your ability to think rationally but also harms your relationship. The never-ending cycle of emotions inside your head creates trouble, especially when you are in an argument. Thus, you feel more hurt, angry, guilty, and anxious.

However, there are more that it does to you and your relationship. Read further.

Emotional Flooding is both positive and negative. A sudden release of all your fears and emotions saves you from heartache and unnecessary frustration. On the other hand, flooding of negative emotions is bad for you and your partner, thus wrecking your relationships.

It makes it challenging to be in the present moment. Your words and feelings are not in sync, and you go to flight and fight mode. However, it is reasonable to experience it, and men experience it more than women. Therefore, they hold their emotions and express little.

What Triggers Emotional Flooding?

emotional flooding

Triggers vary from person to person. It could be a fear of rejection or feeling of indifference or more. Usually, these triggers are the result of their experience. It makes you feel that whatever you are feeling inside is true even if it’s just an assumption.

As a result, you feel symptoms like heart racing, breathing difficulty, body heat increases, and your face becomes red. Recognizing the flood of emotions can actually help you manage it.

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Ways To Manage Emotional Flooding


emotional flooding

Intense feeling like fear and anger can make you feel drowned. In such a situation, take deeper breaths. Deep breathing will make you feel calm and relaxed. Learn about breathing exercises to make it more effective.

Take 20 Minutes Rest

emotional flooding

After a sudden burst of emotions in your head, you need a little rest. Take a break as soon as you sense an argument or fight with your partner. Twenty minutes are enough to cool down flooded emotions. Go out for a walk alone or get busy doing laundry or anything that diverts your mind.

Take Note Of Your Feeling

emotional flooding

Mindfulness is an effective way to deal with emotional Flooding. However, when you are in an argument with your partner, the idea of practicing mindfulness will not come to your head. But, your body gives behavioral clues to alert about the negative feelings.

Focus on your behavior and feeling more rather than trying to control it. Take note of emotions that you experience when your head is flooded with useless thoughts and feelings. Be more present at the moment and distance yourself from swirling thoughts. It takes time to practice mindfulness, but it’s worth doing.

Talk To Your Partner

emotional flooding

An excellent way to put a stop on emotional Flooding is to communicate with your partner. However, own your emotions and avoid blaming your partner for emotions that are locked up in your head. And if you feel it isn’t straightforward, then write down your thoughts and give it to your partner. It will give clarity about your feelings both to you and your partner.

Besides these, you can also prefer therapy to make your mind calm and release all toxic feelings.

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