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Easy Yet Delicious Banana Recipes To Help You Get The Potassium You Need

When we think cooking with fruits, only dishes like desserts and salads come in our mind, but that is not all. There are numerous ways to add fruit like bananas in your daily recipes. Of course, eat bananas directly is an easy option, but you can also use it in several dishes.

From banana pancakes to chips, these sweet and nutritious fruits are used in a variety of recipes. Besides, you can use the leaves, fruits, and flowers in your cooking.

Bananas are very beneficial for your health. They are loaded with fibre that makes it great for the digestive system. Also, they are rich in potassium, which helps maintain blood pressure, heartbeat, and improves your brain health. To get healthy pros, try these delicious and easy banana recipes.

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Banana Chips:

Via: youtube.com

These are tasty, crispy, and dried slices of banana. It’s a south Indian recipe and very easy to make. There is no one who doesn’t like banana chips.

Banana Pancakes:

Via: biggerbolderbaking.com

For making these delicious pancakes, all you need is rice flour, jaggery, bananas, and some spices. This recipe is best for breakfast and comes with a dash of vanilla flavouring.

Raw Banana Kebab:

Via: cookpad.com

Raw banana kebab is a delicious, healthy, and easy snack recipe to get your event started. Moreover, this yummy recipe is filled with the goodness of bananas and topped with spices.

Raw Banana Samosa:

Via: cookpad.com

Give your regular samosa a healthy twist with bananas. They are perfect to satiate your monsoon cravings. Moreover, raw banana samosa is prepared with a raw banana combines with spices and chilli.

Banana Fritters:

Via: rotinrice.com

Are you bored to eat that same fritters? If yes, then banana fritters are a great option for you. Moreover, these fritters are prepared with fruity and sweet banana and are perfect for any meal.

To conclude, these delicious banana recipes do not only make you healthy but also helps to satisfy your hunger pangs.

Which one do you try first? Don’t forget to share the answer in the comment section below.

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