Drank Too Much! Most Effective Ways To Hide Your Hangover

Well, you wake up on the Monday for your regular work and you come across a pounding head and then you do everything to eliminate it. This is nothing but the hangover.

Though alcohol helps people to remove weariness, it has some side effects too. These side effects come out with some signs like reddish eyes, irregular sneezing, and many such things.

Many people try it hard to overcome Hangover and yet do not get the desired results. But this article will give you some of the rocking tips that will help you in dealing with a hangover in a smooth manner. So, let’s look at what this article brings to you.

Splash Cold Water on Face

Splash Cold Water

It is a common observation that when you drink alcohol, your body will demand a lot of water. The reason being, your body gets dehydrated. Therefore, it is good to splash cold water on your face (at least 3 times).

Also, the cold water you use should have some ice in it. By doing so, your pores on the face will get re-open and a good feeling is what you will get in return.

Apply Ice pack

Apply Ice Pack

Another best way to eliminate the drowsy feeling is that you will have to apply an ice pack on your face. Keep ice tray in the chiller and then after some time, take it out. Use a towel with the ice.

When you apply the ice, use a towel along with it. This will smoothen your skin and will avoid the dullness of the skin. It will be good if you use the ice pack under the eyes. Because this is the area that is affected by it.

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Use a Face Scrub

Use Face Scrub

When the booze dehydrates your skin, it leaves your face, dull and down. This is because some of the cells of the face get dry. As a result, it gives your face a very dull look. To avoid this situation, use a face scrubber. It is advisable to smoothly apply the scrub on your face. Also, don’t rub it against your face.

Going for a Facial Massage

Facial Massage

Facial massage is the best thing to eliminate the hangover. It is said that massage helps in maintaining the blood circulation in your body. Because of this, the lost brilliance of the face is regained and hence a young look on the face is seen. Moreover, it will drain the lymph nodes and de-puff your face. Remember, while going for a massage try to be organic.

These tips will surely help you in coming out of your Hangover.

A wonderful serenity has taken possession of my entire soul, like these sweet mornings of spring which I enjoy with my whole heart.

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