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Dolly Parton Surprises Everyone With Her New Song on Her Birthday

A country-pop singer Dolly Parton celebrates her birthday on 19 January. A musical icon whose songs will definitely be going to echoes for eternity.

Dolly Parton is known for her decade-long successful music career, which made her best selling female artist of all time.

Parton on her 77th birthday on 19 January released a new song on Instagram.

The title of the song name is “Don’t Make Me Have to Come Down There”.

Dolly Parton

She received not only fame but many awards. She was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and Country Music Hall of Fame and received the National Medal of Arts.

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Dolly Parton’s Song “Don’t Make Me Have to Come Down There”

Dolly Parton

Dolly Parton Revealed on her Instagram account the secret of her new song lyrics.

She announced the release of that song and revealed that the song title “Don’t Make Me Have to Come Down There” came to her in a dream in a form of God’s words.


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She told her viewers about the dream in which God warned her from the top of the mountain with the word “Don’t Make Me Have to Come down there”, which is so powerful that woke her up from the dream.

She further continues on her Instagram video “I got up, I started writing this song over a period of weeks, months, “I finished it as things would come to me, and I just felt like I should drop it on my birthday. So, I hope you enjoy it”.

The real meaning behind the lyrics of her song is that “God actually warned her about the dire consequences of politics, erratic weather, pandemics, war and hate that spread all over the earth.

So God warned her that people should be aware of all those bad happening in the world, otherwise He’ll come to earth and we all have to face the dire consequences.

The lyrics are like “And in my dream, I heard him say, Don’t make me have to come down there, My children, you had best beware, If you don’t pay attention, consequences will be dire, Don’t make me have to come down there.”

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