Discover The Symbolic Meaning Of Different Type Of Flowers

Flowers are really the lovely thing, those soft petals and engrossing fragrance fill us with freshness and love. Flowers are just not the part of our events or celebrations or used to greet but it also has a unique language. These all have some Symbolic meaning of flowers.

Every flower has some hidden meaning in it. They have a deepness which needs to be explored. They carry a hidden message which we should discover. These flowers signifies many things, we just need to understand it.

Read on to know about the Symbolic meaning of flowers:



This flower grown in mud but carries with it deep interpretation. Ever night they go back to much and in the morning they blossom again. It signifies reincarnation, purity, wisdom, new knowledge and awakening.



They are generally grown across North America, Europe and Asia. Different colors have lilies carries different meaning

  • White they are used during funeral and symbolizes purity, rebirth and regeneration
  • Pink well this color is considered to be connected with females, pink lilies signifies gracefulness, appreciation
  • Yellow represents cheerfulness and vivaciousness
  • Orange represents fervour and passion

Thus it also has one of the important Symbolic meaning of flowers



They represent exquisite beauty, They are distinctive flowers and represent unusual charm. Orchids  gives the meaning of philosophy and reflective mind . It carries with it elegance and tenderness.



This flower becomes active when summers draws near. Sunflowers exemplifies immense loyalty, faith and obedience. A person who wants to prove that he or she truly love its beau, they should gift these flowers as it symbolizes devoted love and reverence. But sometimes it also has negative meaning as pride and egotism.

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This is the dearest flower of many people, its soothing fragrance and freshness feels like giving us a distinct energy. But each shade of rose has its own depiction, let’s see

Red rose many of us are aware that red rose implies intense love and affection. These are also believed to be expression of emotions.

Pink rose stands for affection and gratitude. Also if you want create a cute and adorable relationship with someone, you can give this rose to that person. It also represents warmth, happiness and exultation.

Yellow rose it stands for ecstasy and ebullience, it also conveys the meaning of caring friendship. These flowers have nothing to do with love it simply represents pure and innocent friendship.

White rose it symbolizes purity and compassion and the expression of new beginnings in life. That’s why when the brides walks down the aisle white flowers are used.

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Tulips mainly signifies ideal and profound love as they are the first one to bloom in the spring hence they also carry the meaning of revival and restoration.  Its colors represents different things

Pink Tulips means confidence, esteem and extreme joy

Purple tulips means royalty and prosperity

Yellow tulips means merriment and pleasantness

White tulips means forgiveness and exoneration



Dahlia is a summer blossoming flower, it represents courage, power, robustness, respect and dignity but it also points towards negative meanings such as disloyalty, instability, confusions and deception. So, we have to be wary while receiving such flowers as to from which type of intention the other person is giving us these.


Symbolic meaning of flowers

It stands for “ rebirth and fresh beginnings” as it grows with the coming of spring. And is also said to be named “ after the son of  the river God from Greek mythology” hence it describes the sacredness. One thing is observed that single daffodil increases adversities but a bunch of daffodils brings exhilaration and happiness.


Symbolic meaning of flowers

These flowers describes chastity and righteousness. According to ancient meaning it is believed that whenever any toddler died God sprinkled flowers to help parents come out of the sorrow. It also implies ‘motherhood and childbirth’. So, whenever any child is born daisies are gifted to its parents in order to celebrate.


Symbolic meaning of flowers

Lastly is Jasmine which symbolizes spirituality and divinity.It is also associated with warmth and fondness. Jasmine gives us the sense of relaxation and peace. It even represents aesthitic and used in rituals too. Well in every culture it has its own meanings. Thus Symbolic meaning of flowers gives us important message.

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