China Makes Historic 1st Landing on Mysterious Far Side of the Moon

Here are some great news guys. A Chinese spacecraft called Chang’e 4 created history by becoming the first ever to successfully land on the dark side of the moon and we are damn enthusiastic about what pics they have in store for us to see.

But before that, you should learn that this is really a historic event since no one has ever maintained to land on the dark side of the moon.

As Per to the state media reports, the china’s spacecraft reached down at 10:26 AM local time (02:26 am GMT) and took ‘close-range’ photos of the dark side of the moon.  

Earlier, spacecraft have noted the far side of the moon but none have maintained to land on its surface up until now.

Watch the Video below:


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 You see, the dark side of the loaf is an uncharted, highland and rocky region which is why landing in this area is highly difficult. This is one of the main reasons why making a successful landing was a notable achievement for China.

The close-up pictures were shared by China’s National Space Administration (CNSA). In the photographs, you can look at close-ups of the moony surface that was captured.

This photo of the spacecraft making a close touch down on the unexplored place of the moon is surreal.

dark side of moon

This is a satellite photo of the spacecraft making a wonderful landing on the dark surface of the loaf.

dark side of moon
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Ahh! This image is truly priceless. Now, we know what the far side of the moon looks like.

dark side of moon
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This is the first close-up shot taken of the far side of the moon which can never be visible from earth.

dark side of moon
Via: Scoopwhop

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A wonderful serenity has taken possession of my entire soul, like these sweet mornings of spring which I enjoy with my whole heart.

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