NASA’s InSight Spacecraft Lands on Mars and Snaps a Photo

    spacecraft on space

    The US space agency NASA’s InSight spacecraft completed its hard journey of six months in the deep space to land on Mars.

    Ten years in the making, the mission that cost approximately $1 billion finally launched on May 5th from California’s Vandenberg Air Force Base.

    Even Although spacecraft have come to the Red Planet before, InSight will be the initial mission to look deep into Mars’ interior.

    In fact, the motive of InSight is to show geophysical analysis to assist scientists to answer queries regarding the formation, evolution, and composition of the mars.

    Photo clicked by InSight spacecraft

    For the same purpose, NASA took extra provisions to make sure that Earthborn bacteria do not harm the spacecraft and, probably, Mars.

    As per reports, the entry, and landing of InSight’s was the dangerous part in its entire mission. The initial photos of Mars that were shared by NASA showed a dusty surface.

    Moments before the final landing the control room was uncannily silent, with every individual observing to the final countdown. And the gag transformed into huge cheer the time the spacecraft successfully landed.

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    Happy People took to social media to show their glee at the victory of the mission and congratulate and praise the people who made the mission successful.