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Crypto Market down, will it lead to long-term correction?

The crypto market was down on February 13, as market volatility grows up before the Consumer Price Index (CPI) report that measures inflation is anticipated to be disclosed today. 

The CPI print of the very print, linked with grown regulatory implementation from the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission can transfer to the coming decline for Bitcoin and the broader crypto market which is now at its 3-weeks lows. 

The great start of Bitcoin

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Bitcoin and the crypto market have had a great start this year, witnessing 64% of Bitcoin investors attaining benefits as the value of Bitcoin touched $24,000 on January 29. 

Also, the Bitcoin miners witnessed great growth, having revenues risen by 50% to $23 million, waving a recovery for the troubled industry. 

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At the same time, Bitcoin remarked its second-best January since its existence. However, the turbulence by the SEC along with macro markets may give a threshold to a crypto price declination. 

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With Bitcoin and Ether witnessing gains of 43% and 32% respectively in January, some investors may start locking in profits in front of the U.S. tax season and prior to the CPI report. 

Risk or Luck for the investors?

The prominent crypto investors trust that more sales are forthcoming and Bitcoin experts give alerts regarding the long-term correction carrying on. 

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At the same time, the greed of investors for risk is possibly to be silenced, and capable crypto traders may acknowledge waiting for indications that U.S. inflation has surged, or for the Fed to indicate that short interest hikes are on the cards.

A more clear roadmap for the sector law will also aid to enhance sentiment over the crypto industry. 

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Ray Salmond, the head of market at a renowned media outlet gave perception into Bitcoin value regarding to the Consumer Price Index:

“The price action witnessed in the largest cryptocurrency and the broader crypto market shows the concerns of traders on the action of SEC against Binance and before CPI.”

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