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Coronavirus: Disinfectant Sprayed On Migrants Sitting On Road In Bareilly, UP

The coronavirus outbreak has imposed many officials to put places under lockdown. In India, the govt announced a 21-day lockdown on March and will continue till April 14. The sudden long lockdown created a panic situation. People ramed to stock up essentials while some walked miles to reach their home town.

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As there were no transport facilities available the daily wage workers decided to walk to their native places. However the Delhi and UP  govt arranged buses for them and so they could safely make their way back to home.

Before making their way back to home these people were screened at the UP borer by Delhi and UP govt in Ghjazipur. After they were marked fit to travel then they boarded the buses and were taken for their further journey.

The prevention measures were also taken by the Bihar govt so that nobody carries te infection by any chance. The govt is trying all possible ways to control the spread of coronavirus.

However, Something Like This Was Totally Unexpected:

This video was shot in Rai Bareilly and people are questioning the administration that they are migrants that die not to give the officials the right to put disinfectant on them to sanitize.

The Chief Medical Officer DM Abhishek Prakash said:

“Teams of Bareilly municipal corporation and fire brigade personnel were instructed to sanitise buses but they did so (spray disinfectants on people) as a measure of extra precaution. Orders have been issued for action against concerned persons.”

CMO has assured the responsible people will be punished for the same.

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