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How to Survive a King Cobra Bite?

Some people suffer cardiac arrest while others die due to lack of any medical help when bitten by a cobra. Lucky are those who get the treatment soon after a cobra bites them.

This deadly snake belongs to the species of Ophiophagus hannah and can kill you faster than any other snake (Approx in 10 minutes).

Because of its large volume of potent neurotoxic venom nerves get blocked and the body stops working soon.

Getting panic can make situations worse. Rather one should simply remain calm and take a deep breath if a cobra bites.

Learn Here How to Survive a Cobra Bite And the Necessary Precautions to Take

1. Reach a safe spot
what to do if cobra bites

If a King Cobra bites you first move out of its reach so that it won’t bite you again. Caution others to avoid the span of a king cobra. Maintain your calm and avoid becoming agitated.

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2. Call 108 or go to the hospital immediately

emergency number

Your first step should be to call an ambulance to get cobra bite treatment immediately. If you live in the United States, dial 911 for an emergency, while Indian residents should dial 108 to summon an ambulance.

3. Don’t move and keep your body still

It can get worse if you shake your body after a snake bites you. The toxin will spread rapidly through your body. The spread of the venom may be slowed down if you remain still.

4. Do not try to suck the bite

how tp survive cobra bite

In that situation, don’t let your filmy sideshow. Sucking a snake bite, as depicted in movies, is not a wise move. Both those who attempt to ingest the venom and those who are bitten by a king cobra will be affected.

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5. Use warm water or soap treatment from a cobra bite

Clean your wound gently so that the dirt won’t accumulate on it. Do not wash aggressively otherwise it will make it harder to identify and treat with the correct anti-venom.

6. Warp a bandage or cloth tightly over the bite
cobra bite management

Use a clean and dry cloth or if possible wrap a pressure bandage around the bite so that the venom won’t spread. The pressure would stop the venom.

7. Avoid doing these 5 things after cobra bites you

things to avoid after cobra bite

Getting a home remedy or treatment to cure cobra bite will make it a lot worse. Also, skip doing the following things as well:

  • Avoid dring alcohol for managing your pain
  • Avoid consuming caffeine can cause the venom to move through your body faster
  • Avoid applying the ice
  • Avoid using tourniquet
  • Avoid submerging the bitten area in the water

8. Describe the snake to your doctor

Your doctor can give you appropriate antivenom treatment to save you from cobra bite only if you describe the snake correctly. Tell them about the size, pattern, length, and type of cobra( if you are aware of it).

The antivenom that doctor will provide you will prevent the venom from binding to tissue, which can lead to blood clotting.

Sooner you get cobra bite treatment, the higher is the chance to get cured.

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