Budget-Friendly Beautiful Places To Travel In India!

India is a country of diverse cultures and has so many beautiful places to explore and that too at affordable prices!
Yes, you read it right. You don’t need to spend tons of money on your vacations where there are so many magical places which are cost-friendly and will fill your soul with adventure.

Here’s a list of few places that are affordable and will fulfil your wanderlust.


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It’s in Himachal Pradesh and is gaining popularity as it’s cheap as hell! This place is full of scenic beauty along with mountain landscapes, snow, hotels and adventures and all this in a price so low you won’t be able to say no.


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It’s on everyone’s bucket list and is a must-visit place if you love beaches and of course drinks. It has cheap guesthouses and rentals starting at 200INR per day and has a lot of cheap shacks for booze and food.
It has amazing nightlife and you are going to have the time of your life here.


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It’s the French colonial town in the East and it gives you the combination of French architecture and Indian traditions. Doesn’t matter if you can’t go to France, Pondicherry brings France to you. It has amazing beaches, cheap hotels, cafes on the beach, cobbled stone paths, French bakeries, and beautiful architecture. You can experience French cuisine in rates as low as 200-300 INR for 2 persons.


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This place is so peaceful, you are going to fall in love with it. Along with good quality cheap food and inexpensive stay, this place is full of scenic beauty and has amazing weather. You can do boating or spend a lazy Saturday on a farm or go for a trek this place has it all.


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This place is famous for its snake water races and is full of lagoons, backwaters, and beaches, no wonder it is called “Venice of the east”. You can stay in a houseboat and even rent a small boat for your endeavours in the backwater in 100 bucks!
Still thinking it’s expensive?


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Well, if you are a chocolate lover you are in for a tasty delight as this place has chocolates of many kinds and that too on sale the entire year. This place is picture perfect with beautiful views and is perfect for a getaway.


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This is the most suited place for the history lovers who love to explore places with rich past. Hampi is an ancient village in Karnataka famous for the ruins of Vijayanagar kingdom and is also a world heritage site. The temples and ancient craftsmanship attracts visitors. This place is a treat for the eyes and pocket-friendly too!

Don’t let money limit the traveller in you, and experience these serine places and rejuvenate yourself in these vacations.
You can always book in advance and make your vacation even more affordable.
So get loose, let your hair down and get ready to add a new leaf to your experiences.

Happy travelling to you!

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