Signs You Are A Total Girl Boss!

There are so many different labels people put on girls, but “girl boss” is the favourite label of many of us.

A girl boss is a woman who knows her worth, is focused on her goals and never settles for less than what she deserves.

But, how do you know if someone is a girl boss? Well, it’s not rocket science. Here are a few signs that will prove if you have the qualities that make you a “girl boss”.

You’ve Got Your Act Together

Girl Boss
Via: Vanity Fair

You have clarity towards your goals and you work hard for them. You are strong-headed and know how to survive even in the Storm.
This doesn’t mean you never fall down but even when you do, you rise back up stronger than ever.

You Don’t Take Sh*t From Anyone

Girl Boss
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You know your worth and you don’t tolerate disrespectful behaviour from anyone. Even if they think you have high standards you know that you deserve respect and love and call them out for their toxic behaviour.

You Are Straightforward

Girl Boss

You haven’t got time for all the little mind games and sugar-coated lies. You are honest and straight forward and expect the same in return. You are way too above these childish things and handle things with maturity.
You don’t care if people don’t like your blunt attitude because, in the long run, they appreciate your honesty.

You Believe “In Working Hard And Partying Harder”

Girl Boss
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You know the value of hard work and never shy away from giving your best to everything you do in life. But besides working hard you know the value of fun too and never forget to make time for the things you love like partying!

You Don’t Settle Down Easily

Girl Boss

You don’t settle for any guy who looks attractive or is smart. You have high dating standards and don’t make anyone your world.
Don’t worry if the world tells you, you’ll end up alone if you don’t lower your standards, you’ll be just fine and eventually find yourself who’ll appreciate you for your amazing personality.

Sarcasm Is Your Forte

Girl Boss
Via: IMDb

You know how to play smart and instead of being outright rude, you prefer drowning them with your sarcasm. How many times have you used it against the guys who asked you to make them a sandwich because they found you too intimidating?

You Are Confident In Your Skin

Girl Boss
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You might have a lot of imperfections but you know that those imperfections make you unique. You are confident and you project confidence in everything you do. You know there won’t be another you ever and self-love is your kind of love.

Don’t Care What People Think About You

Girl Boss
Via: Thought Catalog

Some people love you while others not so much! But you never pay attention to the gossip mongers and keep being yourself. You don’t have the time to indulge in gossip when you are busy ruling the world.

If you think, you have these awesome traits in you then congratulations you are a “Girl Boss” and are going to win at life.

Just keep being you!

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