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Birthday Decoration Themes That Everyone Will Love: The Ultimate Guide to DIY Birthday Decorations

Birthday decoration is popular among people of all age groups, be it a kid, a teenage, or an adult. Every person wants to have fun and joy while celebrating birthdays of their loved ones. Birthday decoration is one of the most important parts in planning for a birthday party. If you want to be in the memory of every person for conducting a wonderful birthday party, then check out these ideas and tips for an awesome birthday celebration.

How to plan for birthday decoration?

Some of the things that you should make a note of before birthday decoration planning are:

  • Venue: Firstly, you need to decide the venue and location for the birthday party. If you select your residence for example, you need to specify where exactly you will invite guests. Examples can be your terrace, living room area, balcony, etc. If you select an outdoor location, make sure it is convenient for everyone to come and attend the birthday party.
  • Games and fun activities: Birthday parties should not be boring. You can choose some playful activities that will be thoroughly enjoyed by your guests. Examples include tambola, musical chairs, dance competitions and so on.
  • Menu: Food served must be according to the age group of the guests. For example, in case of kids birthday party, make sure to include food items that are liked by children. Also, cake is the main attraction of every birthday party, cake must be appealing and attractive.

birthday decor for kids

Example of selecting a theme for the birthday party

The theme must be chosen that perfectly matches the choice and age group of the party host. Some birthday theme ideas for children under different age groups are:

  • Barbie doll theme for girls under the age group of 5 years.
  • Marvel heroes, minions, and Arabian nights for kids under the age group of 8 years.
  • Bollywood theme, harry potter DIY theme for children above the age group 12.

Birthday decoration for girls

Generally, girls love pink color theme for the birthday party decoration. But, if you are bored of the color and want to experiment with something new and creative, then you can go for colors like purple, peach, lavender, gold, silver and so on. You can choose the theme based on the birthday girl’s interest and preference.

Birthday decoration for boys

Some of the common themes for birthday party for boys include sports theme, cricket, superhero, minecraft, etc. you can use to decorate the room with balloons for young boys birthday party. If the party is for a teenager, you can place a birthday banner, hang paper lanterns to create a party look.

Birthday decoration for adults

Adult birthday party decoration ideas are somewhat different than kids as they prefer to chill and hang out with their family and friends and enjoy a great evening. As per the choice and liking, one can plan for a theme such as karaoke, barbeque party, spa party, housie, etc.

Birthday decoration ideas

Happy birthday banner

Banners with happy birthday written on it add beauty to the overall decoration and theme of the party. They come in a variety of materials and fabric and are of different sizes and shapes. Especially, for kids birthday celebration, you can opt for banners with multicoloured lights or even LED lights. These can be placed at the entrance or at the walls.

birthday decor

Decoration with balloons

Every birthday party is incomplete without balloons. Balloons are available in different types and shapes and sizes and enhance the decoration of the room. You can choose among air-filled balloon, helium balloon, LED light balloons, etc. to make your birthday party enchanting. Opt for bright color balloons if the party is for children. Similarly, if the party is for adults, then choose elite and neutral color balloons that complement the party theme.

Decorating the walls

Wall decoration should not be neglected while planning for birthday party. You can decorate the walls with balloons, paper flowers, collages from your different pictures, or add a bunch of fairy lights to the walls to make it look alluring. You can even give a contemporary look to the wall by using washi tape to give it a vibrant color and feel. Moreover, stylish curtains may enhance the look and feel of the walls and give it a nice sober look.

birthday decoration walls

Birthday decoration with streamers

Including streamers make the decoration aesthetically pleasing and appealing. Streamers come in a wide variety of different shapes and styles. Examples include paper streamers, glitter streamers, etc. You can either choose the color as per the party theme or include a combination of different colors.

Including tissue for birthday party decoration

Spruce up your birthday party with tissue pom pom that adds a vibrant appeal to the design theme of the party. You can select among the different varieties of pom pom available in the market. One of the best ways is to pick ones that create a contrasting combination.

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Birthday decoration with lighting

Including party lights creates a ravishing look and feel of the birthday place. There are different options to choose for lighting and brightening your space. Examples include fairy lights, smart mood lights, multi-colored lights and lantern add a elite touch to the part decoration. These can be hanged near plants, placed around the walls or draped in the curtains to create a natural yet appealing look.

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birthday decor light

Best tips to follow for birthday party

  • Make sure that the room is clutter-free and clean.
  • The furniture in the room must be arranged properly that enables the free movement of guests.
  • You can even place artificial plants or indoor plants to create an eco-friendly look.
  • Make ample use of fairy lights as they add glow and spark to the space.
  • Keep the seating arrangements near the balcony and corridor so that there is enough space for everyone.
  • Plan for the party beforehand to minimize any food wastage.
  • If there is a lot of food leftover, try donating it to nearby NGO instead of throwing it away.

Hope you find useful suggestions here in this post for your birthday party decoration. Do visit stackumbrella for more such entertaining and useful content.

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