Viral Video: Cheetah Attacks On French Couples


A video on social media is becoming quite viral. You can be afraid of seeing it. Two cheetahs reached between a family. The cheetah began to chase after seeing them the couples ran away. The family was the residents of France. These videos are posted by Robin de Grape. It can be seen in the video that a family is having fun in the garden. Then two cheetahs came closer to them.

Watch the video below:

This incident is being told on Monday by Beck Bergen Safari Park of the Netherlands. The person who uploaded this video was in the park at the time. Cheetahs were seen in front of his car. A family was walking out of the car and walking around.

Seeing the cheetah, they reached there only. The family was afraid to see the cheetahs. As soon as the cheetah came to attack him, he started running away to get in the car.

On one hand, while the husband was running towards the car, on the other side the lady stood in front of the cheetah. As soon as his husband sat in the car, she also ran away and sat down in the car. This video is very viral on social media.

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