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Apple to Focus on Mixed-Reality Headset in 2023: Report

Apple is reportedly planning to roll out a top-of-the-line mixed-reality headset in 2023. It is speculated that the device will include its own operating system and dedicated chips, as well as an App Store.

Initially, Apple hoped to introduce the headset in 2019; however, a recent report has indicated that its launch may be delayed until WWDC in June. The majority of Apple’s resources are reportedly being devoted to the development of the headset, implying that the firm may not have the capacity to launch any other major products in 2023.

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Mark Gurman of Bloomberg’s Power On newsletter reported that Apple is planning to release Reality Pro, a mixed reality headset, at the WWDC event in June 2023, which will feature its own operating system, app store, and specialised chips. The headset will be available for purchase in the fall.

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Some highly regarded software engineers have supposedly received the mixed-reality headset to try out and begin creating third-party applications for the operating system, codenamed ‘Borealis’ and supposed to be branded as xrOS when it comes out. In spite of that, Gurman claims that Apple needs to deal with a few issues before its launch.

Apple headset

Due to the economic slowdown, the Cupertino company reportedly shifted resources from other software and hardware engineering departments to solve these problems in a timely manner.

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This has had a negative impact on the development of other products that were already facing delays and budget cuts. Consequently, it is speculated that the new MacBook Pro models may offer the same design and features as the previous generation, while the 11-inch and 13-inch iPad Pro variants may be delayed until next year. Furthermore, the 24-inch iMac Pro may not be released until 2023.





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