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Angelina Jolie’s Powerful Words on Domestic Violence and Abusive Relations Will Make You Cry – WATCH!

Angelina Jolie Speech:

Angelina Jolie is a renowned celebrity in Hollywood and has achieved a great deal of success. Her awards include an Academy Award and three Golden Globes, and she has been the highest-paid actress in the industry several times. She is also lauded for her philanthropic work and involvement in campaigns related to conservation, education, and women’s rights. However, her personal life has been tumultuous, with divorces from three notable actors, Jonny Lee Miller, Billy Bob Thornton, and Brad Pitt, and health issues.

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On February 9, 2022, Angelina Jolie gave an emotional address before the US Senate, imploring them to renew the Violence Against Women Act.

Angelina Jolie
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As of January 18, 2023, Angelina Jolie’s powerful speech about domestic violence and child abuse has gone viral and is being shared all over the internet. On Twitter, @liliandaisies shared the speech with the caption, “This speech by Angelina Jolie about domestic violence and child abuse is so powerful. Her and her children are among the millions of victims and survivors who have had to suffer abuse in silence.”

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Angelina’s words that “many individuals find it difficult to escape from abusive conditions because they have been instilled with the belief that they are worthless” accurately describes the struggles faced by countless victims of domestic abuse and toxic relationships. Additionally, her observation that “domestic violence is normalized in our society” holds true for most parts of the world.

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