7 Common Face Mask Mistakes Everyone Should Avoid

Are you wearing the mask correctly or still making these common face mask mistakes? This is just one simple question for which answer is still NO even after a year-long experience of covid. Maybe we are less serious or the virus is much stronger, whatsoever reality is that covid-19 cases are flooding in the country causing shortage of almost every essential needed to save a life.

This safety measure is one of the reasons behind it and we can’t deny. Even after a year, people still don’t know how to properly wear a face mask. Vaccination and other safety measures are definitely a way to curb the rising cases but we are not going to win over Covid-19 until this small measure is properly followed.

face mask mistakes

However, only face mask is not the way to deal with covid but this could be a game changer. We all should learn from the Israel who has become a mask-free nation now and India is so far away to reach the status. All rays of hope are diminishing but it doesn’t mean we should give up so easily. So, once again we are here to make aware of the biggest face mask mistakes you might be still making.

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Face Mask Mistakes To Stop Making Right Now

Not Washing Hands

CDC has recommended washing hands and using sanitizer, we all are following it but one more guideline is getting overlooked. Washing hands before wearing a mask and after removing it. Many mask wearers especially the common public are unaware or ignoring this factor.

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face masks mistakes

According to a survey conduct by an American mask company, this face mask mistake is one of the reasons of rising cases in covid-19 in America. So, there’s no doubt the same could be the cause in other countries as well.

What to do? Wash your palms for 30 seconds before and after wearing masks and reduce the chances of infection.


face masks mistakes

Another reason for not wearing a mask is the pimples that caused due to mask. But, not wearing a mask is not a solution rather wash your face with a fragrance-free cleanser each time you remove a mask. Stay hydrated and apply minimal skincare products to let your skin breathe under the mask.

Sharing Is Not Caring

This is very common mistake seen among public. People are sharing masks with the members of their family. A mask is a personal item now, so do not share it with anyone not even with your close ones. Because by sharing you are actually spreading the tiny droplets of virus trapped inside the cloth masks and sweat with others.

face masks mistakes

Beside virus, your own body has bacteria and pathogens that can be easily transferred to others via mask sharing. Israel’s Hadassah Hebrew University Medical Centre has recommended this advice ” Do Not Share The Mask.” It’s a must-follow guideline, please don’t be careless.

Reusing Disposable Mask

In this tough time, if you are thinking of saving some money on masks you are making a big mistake. Cloth masks are washable but if you are using disposable masks like surgical ones then discard it after each use.

face masks mistakes

They are designed for short-term use so using longer won’t provide any safety to you. Better option is to use cloth mask and that should be regularly washed.

Not Washing Masks

Some people are washing disposable masks while others forget to wash the reusable ones. That’s true and can’t be denied. Both acts reduce the effectiveness of masks and make you more vulnerable to infection.

face masks mistakes

Wash them each day if you are using them frequently. Even if face masks are not much in use, one should not wait longer than a week to wash the mask.

Poor Storage Of Masks

face masks mistakes

Most of us have not even thought about it, isn’t it? This could be the biggest face mask mistake. The dirty masks should be placed in a plastic bag if you are not cleaning them immediately. Store the clean ones in a paper bag. Avoid keeping them at frequently touched areas at home. Don’t mix them with other clothes and items if the masks are untidy.

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Don’t Touch The Mask

how to properly wear a face mask

It’s hard to touch our face even if it’s covered but experts recommend not touching the masks once they are on the face. Moreover, avoid touching the inner area of mask. And if you feel the need to remove it, make sure you store the mask separately in a bag or hold it from the strings.

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