5 Types Of Relationship Boundaries Every Couple Should Set

Nobody wants to be within boundaries, whether societal, physical, mental or different type of relationship boundaries. Every soul wants to grow and bloom because “More Boundaries Brings More Suffocation.” But when you are in Love all those personal, professional, and emotional peripheries are considered unwanted as their space is your space and vice versa.

The truth is the opposite because a healthy relationship cannot survive in such a way. It affects individuality, degrades one’s self-esteem, and makes them dependent. But when you know your limits in the relationship, the bond is much stronger, healthier, and there’s no place for insecurities.

So, don’t let the love fade away. Establish these five different types of relationship boundaries and respect, understand and discuss with your partner how far you can go to maintain them.

Types Of Relationship Boundaries

Maintain A Physical Space

healthy relationship

You can be in love with your partner and still don’t like their touch, especially when in public. It’s okay and doesn’t imply that you don’t love them. You might hold it back and not express but this will make you more uncomfortable and gradually the feelings would fade away. It would create misunderstandings and things can go worse.

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Don’t let it happen; tell them when and how you don’t like to be touched by them. The small love gestures like holding hands while walking down the street are romantic but if it makes you uncomfortable, clearly say NO.

Express how far they are allowed to enter into your personal space and the partner should respect it without feeling hurt. It also includes your privacy and personal space because everyone has their own life which can never be shared even with the soulmate. And you should respect the same.

Boundaries In Emotions

Love is all about emotions and feelings, expressing them brings more clarity in a relationship. But more and fewer emotions can ruin things. Besides it, there will be times when you or your partner needs space to deal with tough times.

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Not giving them space will create a forever void especially in situations when your partner is feeling undervalued, upset, and guilty. Don’t try to fix it all, let them do it on their own and wait for the time when they ask for help and suggestions. Because that’s the right time when your words will make positive impacts on their mind and if they turn to their friends or family for help, don’t feel disrespected.

Moreover, quit these 5 toxic habits that can create gaps in your relation.

Beliefs And Boundaries

Opposite attracts but when it comes to values, ideals, and beliefs the phrase can become a ground for separation not initially but gradually. Having opinions makes you a human and forcing your views or embracing beliefs that you don’t believe can steal individuality. So, let the difference in opinions survive and share your views without expecting them to agree with you.

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If you force they might assume you are trying to tell that they are less smarter or knowledgeable than you. They may not understand the essence behind it and soon it can convert into the fight so respect each other ideas and beliefs because “It’s not about intellectuality, it’s about rationality.”

Types Of Relationship Boundaries In Finance

setting financial boundaries

Money matters and so does your partner. Who matters more should never be the question. Couples having the same accounts often indulge in fights related to money because each one’s concern matters. Having separate accounts to manage personal finances should be the practice. There is no harm in it as everyone has personal financial goals. Discuss this with your partner so that money never becomes a ground for separation.

Professional Boundaries

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Your work is work, mine is a waste of time. That’s a common notation among the couples especially when both are working. Understand that career and professional goals are individual subjects. Couples should support rather than competing against each other. However, healthy competition is necessary to keep the spark alive but feeling jealous when one gains a higher position or succeeds in a career can severely impact the relationship.

So, without indulging too much in their professional life simply asks and supports them whenever they need you. The focus should be on mutual growth.

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