5 Secret Ways To Make Your Girl Desperately Moan For SEX

Do you think of ways to satisfy your girl in bed?

Unsure what your women want in bed?

If yes, then you’re at the right place, pals!

Satisfying a partner in bed is not a game, and for this, you need a lot of skill and skill. But if you are also facing difficulty in reaching the peak of satisfaction, then you must correct your basics and learn some good moves!

Find out five unique ways to give a woman a great orgasmic experience during sex.

Sex is not only about putting it inside, and if you think that it is, then you’re mistaken. There is much more than just penetrating, which makes it more hot and pleasurable. 

A woman loves sex as much as a man; however, that can only happen when a man pays attention to her basic needs in bed. To make your girl feel satisfied always, these five tips by us will help you satisfy her immensely.

First, Let’s know why women remain dissatisfied during sex:


  • Sex in haste is the reason for women to remain dissatisfied.
  • Lack of a good mood can be a reason for dissatisfaction.
  • Extreme stress regarding sex is also a cause of dissatisfaction.
  • Feeling uncomfortable while having sex is also a reason for dissatisfaction.
  • Vaginal pain while having sex, can also cause dissatisfaction.
  • Lack of foreplay becomes the reason for women’s dissatisfaction.

Lack of lubrication in the vagina can also be a reason for dissatisfaction during sex.

There are many more reasons that may be behind, leaving a woman dissatisfied in the bedroom.

It does not come with a deadline!

Hindustani Bhau

The most important thing is that sex should never be seen as work. It should not be seen in a hurry because it is very difficult to satisfy your partner by intercourse in this way. It isn’t easy to increase the libido of women. It takes time, and the same amount of time it takes to get an orgasm; therefore, men should know that they should give more time to sex to foreplay so that the woman gets enough time to increase her libido. Enjoy it so that you will be able to satisfy women during sex.

Help her to get comfortable:


To make sure she is having fun in bed, the first thing you should do is to know that she is comfortable. Try to do everything in your place of fun, as if it was for her enjoyment. By doing this, you will help her reduce the confusion and tension during intercourse. Stress in women is often greatly increased as a result of decreased sex drive. It becomes very difficult for her to have fun when she is in a state of stress. Please do whatever you need to do to keep her relaxed.

Let’s Spill The Beans:


Always give her time to warm up (to get ready):


Always spend some time in foreplay to get her body ready for sex. Foreplay is very important for any woman, and this adds a new dimension to your sex life. Foreplay can be great fun for both men and women. The typical foreplay activities can include many things, from just pressing her feet or chest, to intense, passionate kisses and tongue-wrenching sensitive body parts. Many people also like foreplay like spanking, scratching, and licking. 

Bonus tip to satisfy your woman in bed

Turn your fingers all over her body. Softly on the parts that you know are sensitive. Instead of touching them directly, start by teasing them. Rub around those pleasure-giving areas until she begs you to touch those places. Even so, rub lightly over there and return to teasing. This will make her desperate and decide that she is ready for intercourse.

Oral sex

oral sex

It sounds good, but some men do not give as much attention as they pay to get it. Women enjoy it as much as men. If you want to do some favors on her, then improve your technique and do it often.

Let’s Jump To The Conclusion:

Instead of thinking of sex as a show with a big finale, think of it as a pleasant journey”. This will make your intercourse fun and enjoyable and leave your girl completely satisfied.

A wonderful serenity has taken possession of my entire soul, like these sweet mornings of spring which I enjoy with my whole heart.

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