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5 Maggi Recipes So You Never Run Out Of Delicious Cooking Ideas Amid Lockdown

Ek tera hi sahara hai-

This sentence is dedicated to our one and only best friend, The Almighty Maggi, as we know that lockdown has been extended till 17 May and our hunger pangs too. Now it is the best time to learn some interesting and new Maggi recipes to try during the quarantine.

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Maggi Sandwich:

Looking for tasty and easy snacks? If yes, then you must try this delicious bomb. This is fun that kids love to eat. It’s a perfect kiddo snack as they are made from the combination of sandwiches and Maggi. It’s a salty and spicy snack that you can make any time to satisfy your cravings. Moreover, you can prepare this Maggi recipe with readily available ingredients within a few minutes.

Here’s a video that helps you to make delicious Maggi sandwich:

Egg Aka Anda Bhurji Maggi:

Everything is good when you have a pack of your favorite Maggi and eggs. Egg bhurji Maggi is such a delicious and classic, that we had to add the recipe in our quarantine Maggi recipes list.

Here’s the recipe for flavorsome egg bhurji Maggi:

Maggi Pakora:

Definitely, you have eaten onion pakora, spinach pakora, pulse pakora, and so on. But did you try Maggi pakora? Yes, Maggi pakora, a delicious and easy to prepare Maggi recipe. It is an ideal dish to curb your quarantine hunger pangs. This easy to make recipe will bring tangy and spicy flavor in your mouth. So, serve this recipe with any chutney or recipes of your choice and add more flavors to this delectable dish.

Here’s the recipe for Maggi Pakora:

Chilli Maggi:

Do you love extra hot food? If yes, then chilli Maggi is the perfect recipe for you. This recipe is very easy to prepare and packed with nutrients as it contains veggies like garlic, onion, capsicum, and so on. Plus, tomato sauce, soya sauce, and vinegar are also added in this recipe. It is the Indo-China variant of Maggi and ideal to curb your cravings.

This is perfect for people who love spicy and hot food. Watch the full recipe video:

Maggi Pizza:

This delicious magi recipe is the combination of two beloved dishes! For making this, all you need is to boiled Maggi with a tastemaker in the water. When Maggi is boiled then fried it in a pan. Grated cabbage, grated carrots, tomato sauce, cheese, capsicum, salt are placed on top of Maggi and then cooked for two minutes. Your Maggi pizza is ready. You can add more grated cheese if you want. Thus, this recipe doesn’t need any baking.

Check this out today:

Eating Maggi gives us joy, and share it with our loved ones is happiness. So, try these Maggi recipes at home and add some fun in your boring quarantine!

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