5 Famous And Most Beautiful Road Trips In The World

Get ready for the most beautiful road trips in the world where you not only get a chance to explore off-beat paths physically but also let your soul wander freely. One will get a unique reflection of life on the wheels where they can simply dive into nature’s best portraits amid green countryside landscapes watching everything coming alive.

The world is full of such unbelievable destinations that can be best explored via roads. Unfold all such magical miles with our list of best road trips.

5 World’s Most Beautiful Road Trips For Indelible Experience

1. Girdle Ireland Via Ring Road

most beautiful road trips in the world

Ring Road of Ireland is a route for nature aficionados who don’t bother about reaching their destination because ‘Roads Are Made For Journeys, Not Destinations.’ Route no. 1 of The Emerald Isle encircles the entire country and highlights the stunning waterfalls, remote areas, and glacial lagoons.

  • Best Time– Summer
  • Total Duration– Longest is 2 weeks but you can complete the route in less than 10 days
  • Route Length- 825 miles (1328 km approx.)
  • Areas Covered– It begins from Ireland’s capital and largest city Revkjayik and ends at North Iceland’s capital Akureyri.

Places To Eat, Drink, & Stay-

best road trips

The Ring Road covers almost all famous areas and towns of Ireland so finding eateries and places to relax is not difficult. Here is a list of places to stay in your 7-day itinerary.

  • Canopy City Centre, Revkjayik
  • Hotel Husafell, Husafell
  • Hotel Geysir
  • Hotel Magma at South Coast
  • Lake Hotel Egilsstadir
  • Fosshotel Myvatn
  • Hotel Kea
  • Blue Lagoon retreat

Do not go unprepared even though the roads are not rough, going unplanned will stretch your journey time. So, make a list of places you want to explore and then begin this magical journey.

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2. World’s Most Scenic Route- New Zealand’s Milford Road

best road trips

New Zealand’s State Highway 94 offers the shortest but most beautiful road trips in the country. It connects the country’s two best destinations- Milford Sound and Gore’s largest town. Snow-capped mountains, elegant valleys, beautifully carved tunnels, and pure alpine water streams are waiting for nature admirers.

  • Best Time– Winter
  • Duration- 1 hour
  • Route Length– 120 km

Highlights And Places To Eat

world's best road trips

Milford Road has ample places that will force you to stop and stare to behold nature’s beauty. You will come across these popular destinations of New Zealand during the trip:

  1. Te Anau Town
  2. Homer Tunnel
  3. Eglinton Valley
  4. Photogenic Mirror Lakes
  5. Cleddau Valley
  6. Stop at Monkey Stream to quench your soul’s thirst

Relax at Blue Cafe Duck & Bar for breakfast, lunch, or dinner

3. Australia’s Great Ocean Road

most beautiful road trips in the world

Road trips are all about never-seen destinations that unveil the wilderness among travelers. Right? Great Ocean Road of Kangaroo Island is exactly about it. The lane covers major cities from east to west of Australia including Wye River, Otway National Park, etc.

  • Best Time- Plan a trip to Great Ocean Road during late summers when the weather is less hot and cool enough to soothe your soul. March and April are the best months.
  • Duration- Maximum 3 days
  • Route Length– 243 km
  • Places To Explore– Twelve Apostles (Natural rocky stacks along the shore ), Surf at Kennet river, or relax at warm Kell Beach

Besides the turquoise ocean, and natural wonders, there is one more reason to start this world’s most beautiful road trip. It is a national heritage of the country.

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4. Go Wild At Africa’s Garden Route

beautiful road trips

Thinking of a thrilling adventure on road trips, begin with one of the top destinations of Africa- Garden Route. This tranquil long route has everything to satisfy your soul, from amber-colored beaches, dramatic rivers, dense forests, to beautiful fern trees.

  • Best Time– All-year-round
  • Duration- Maximum of 2 weeks
  • Total Route Length– 200 km

Main Attractions-

  1. Tsitsikamma National Park
  2. Knysna Lagoon
  3. Pinnacle Point Caves
  4. Ostrich Farm
  5. Cango Caves

Drive to the West of Cape Town and head to Mossel Bay to begin this one of the most beautiful road trips in the world. Conclude your journey at Storms River.

5. Get Down To Scotland’s Most Unspoiled Route- NC500

beautiful road trips

Travel enthusiasts call NC500 ‘Greatest road trip ever’ Indeed the North Coast of Scotland is best as it links almost all crucial routes of the northern highlands. So, the best is guaranteed. The route was constructed under the NHI initiative to boost the island’s tourism.

Route 66 or NC500 is a favorite of pro and adventure cyclists who take this challenging route to make world records. Robbie Mitchell from Durness has made a world record on NC500 by covering the 516 miles distance in 29:05:42 hrs.

world's best road trips

Not only this defines the greatness of Route 66, but it was also listed under the Now Travel Magazine’s Top 5 Coastal Routes In The World Section.

  • Best Time– Summers are the busiest time so travelers must plan between May and September
  • Duration- One week approx.
  • Route Length– 830 kilometers

NC500 Main Attractions

Don’t just get busy in the beauty along the route, take some time to see the hidden gems and major tourist places of Scotland along NC500.

best road trips

  1. Inverness castle
  2. Rogie Falls
  3. Kayaking at Clatchtoll
  4. Rare views of Thurso
  5. Fishing at Helmsdale
  6. Dunrobin castle

Route 66 encircles 12 destinations, all are worth stopping at, and the lane comes full circle at Inverness.

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Get lost at these 5 most beautiful road trips in the world and ‘Don’t worry about potholes on the way, just wander, and depart to the unknown lands.’

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