3 Easy And Fast Ways To Wash Your Hands Properly To Avoid Coronavirus

Coronavirus has spread all over the world like a fire. No need to mention, this virus has started in Wuhan, China, which has now spread across the globe. But the bad news is that the Health Ministry announced that it is found in 29 people in India. Also, the health ministry suggested how the country had taken precautions against the virus.

Basically, there is no treatment for the diseases that are caused by this dangerous virus. Coronavirus can spread person to person when a healthy person meets with an infected person. Usually, the virus spreads through hands, when a healthy person touches that surface which the infected person touches.

So, it is essential to keep your hands washed to prevent yourself from this virus. For this, you need to wash your hands every 15 minutes. You can also use alcohol-based sanitizers if there is no sink to wash hands. However, sanitizer is the best way to clean your hands.

Here Are Some Ways To Make Sure You Wash Your Hands Properly:


It is essential to wash hands properly, especially when we live in the era of coronavirus. But many people have no time to eat properly, so how can they find 20 seconds to wash their hands? Therefore, here we discuss three easy and quick ways to wash hands and keep the chances of coronavirus away.

Sing A Song:


A song of 20 seconds can help you to keep a record of how much time you have washed your hands. Singing a happy birthday song is the most simple and easy trick to keep track of.

Give Five Seconds To Each Area:


While washing your hands, you need to assure that you clean your back area of hands, palms, fingers, and nails properly. Assume your hand is divided into four parts, and you need to wash each part for 5 seconds. This way, you can easily wash your hands for 20 seconds.

Check The Ingredients Of Your Soap:


While buying soap, you need to check out all the ingredients. If your soap contains a number of chemicals, then you must avoid using it.

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