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2023 Most Powerful Indians List Released!! BJP Leaders and Billionaires Top the List!! Check Out…

Indian Express has released the list of 2023 most powerful Indians based on their status in the country. The list has arranged the most powerful Indians based on their influence in the country and the impact of their decisions and thoughts.

2023 Most Powerful Indians 

Present Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi tops the list based on his influence over the country’s growth ever since has held his position. The politician has not only managed to help the country grow but also made some very crucial decisions for national security.

Modi has slammed Pakistan several times now concerning their terrorist activities like Pulwama and Uri attacks. PM Modi managed to take decisions during such hard times of battle.

He also managed to recover India from the impact of Covid-19. It was not easy to constrict rules and regulations on a country with a humongous population of 1.3 billion. He somehow still survived to bring us all together and even supplied Covid vaccines to other countries as well.

2023 List of Most Powerful Indians (Top 10)

1. Narendra Modi Prime Ministe of India
2. Amit Shah Home Minister
3. S Jaishankar Minister of External Affairs
4. DY Chandrachud Chief Justice of India
5. Yogi Adityanath Chief Minister, Uttar Pradesh
6. Mohan Bhagwat RSS Chief
7. JP Nadda National President, BJP
8. Nirmala Sitharaman Finance Minister
9. Mukesh Ambani Indian Businessman
10. Ajit Doval National Security Advisor

This list includes many other powerful decision-makers and Amit Shah that hold the second position in the 2023 most powerful person list. It is said that he was highly active in actions taken against Khalistan leaders trying to break the peace in Punjab.

2023 Most Powerful Indians

S Jaihankar follows Amit Shah in the third position. After him, in fourth position comes DY Chandrachud, Chief Justice of India who is a very important person for the country’s Supreme Court.

CM Yogianth for Uttar Pradesh holds the fifth position on this list. He is the only CM of any state within the top 10 2023 most powerful Indians list. He is followed by RSS Chief, Mohan Bhagwat. BJP President JP Nadda holds the seventh position on the list. Nadda’s role as National President for India was extended recently considering his importance during the upcoming Lok Sabha elections in 2024.

Nirmala Sitharaman holds the eighth position, the only women who made it into the top 10 2023 most powerful Indians. She currently serves as the Finance Minister of India. She recently presented the budget for the 2023-24 session during which her economic reforms regarding the income tax regime were widely appreciated across the country

The list of 2023 most powerful Indians also includes the multi-billionaire Mukesh Ambani. He is one of the greatest industrialists in the world and is responsible for maintaining the healthy economic growth of the country.

Ajit Doval also became a member of this 2023 most powerful Indians list holding the 10th position as his decisions have highly influenced the defense line of the country. He has forwarded influential decisions during the most sensitive situations.

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