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10 Rare Sculptures Of Mahatma Gandhi In Modern India You Won’t Stop Sharing

We may not have seen Mahatma Gandhi but his image is fixed in our mind. An old man with no hair on his head, holding the stick, wearing a dhoti and round glasses is what describes him. But Debanjan Roy has a very cool image of Gandhi in his head.

He used to infuse life into his imagination and play with real-life characters in a way one can neither imagine nor stop smiling. Roy’s interpretation of modern-day Gandhi at the Indian Art Fair is a must-see.

You’ll see Gandhi on Harley, taking selfies, listening to music, and doing daily tasks.

Toying With Gandhi: Predicting 10 Moods of Gandhi By Debanjan Roy

  1. Gandhi Ji Looks Cool On Harley 

toying with gandhi

2. Gandhi Wearing Headphones, Guess What He’s Listening To?

toying with gandhi

3. Praising Soldiers

toying with gandhi
Mahatma Gandhi pics

4.  The Tech Gandhi

gandhi with laptop

5. The Superman 

Debanjan Roy

6. Bapu At Your Service

father of nation

7. The Shopping 

mahatma gandhi pics

8. Gandhi In Selfie Mood

debanjan roy

9. Gandhi Being Lazy 

gandhi on sofa

10. It’s Office Time 

gandhi with computer

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About Artist Debanjan Roy

Debanjan Roy is a Kolkata-based sculptor who takes immense joy in mixing contemporary and modern art styles. His artwork toying with Gandhi at Akar Prakar Gallery, Delhi is both reflection and a reminder of present-day society.

Roy aimed to show how far we have come in terms of ideologies and innovation while keeping a subtle tone of Gandhi’s philosophies. His message to everyone is not to idolize him as God rather imbibe his ideology.

Exactly what Mahatma wanted us to do. But he has been used as a political toy that politicians and leaders still use to fulfill their interests says, Roy. Toying with Gandhi is an ode to his contribution but an artistic way.


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