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Yes Bank Crisis, Twitter Flooded With Hilarious Memes And Jokes

While a sinking economy and banking crisis remains hot subjects in India, Twitterati is bragging about the Yes Bank account holders and Indian government hilariously.

In case you’re not aware of what’s happening and why Yesbank has become the Hot Potato In India right now, watch this tweet.

The board of private Financial institutions Yes Bank was replaced by the baking regulator, RBI on 5th March.

Though the account holders are allowed to take up to 50,000 between 5 march-3 April but not more than that, this news appears shocking to some; it is an alarming reminder of the slumping state of the Indian Economy.

Social media platforms have been filled with all types of memes and jokes on the YesBank Crisis that will make you go to ROFL.

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Account-holders at yes Bank also couldn’t save themselves from the memes while some bragged their state of feebleness, while others mocked the Bhakts of the Indian Government.

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The jokes and memes refer to these ardent Supporters who never pointed the finger at Prime Minister Of India Modi’s policies. Not only Modi, but people also targeted Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharamas for the banking crisis.

However, Reserve Bank of India has today declared a draft scheme of recreation of the Yes BBank RBI invites comments and suggestions from people and members of the institution, including the depositors, bank ‘Bank’ shareholders, as well as creditors.

On this issue, Finance Minister Sitharam says, IWe have taken a considered view that supersession should happen. It is because we are closely working to make sure that no institution really collapses, says the FM. We are working for restructuring, protecting depositors’ interest and investors’ money, she further says.

Acknowledge the pain faced by depositors, says FM Sitharaman, she further added.

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