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World to Get First Solar Car ‘Lightyear 0’ Production Starts For Pre-Bookings

“Drive towards an eco-friendly future with the first ever solar car”

Lightyear is all set to launch the world first solar electric car fused with surplus advanced technology. The company has started the production of EV solar cars in its facility at Valmet Automotive in Uusikaupunki, Finland.

Lightyear was initiated as a group of engineering students and is looking forward to crossing the breed of solar power into electric energy. The successful launch of the world first solar car would sprout new seeds in the field of technology.

Lightyear Solar Car is in the Midst of the Creation

lightyear solar car

Lightyear claims its solar car to be the most aerodynamic in the history of car production. The company claims that the car would efficiently run 70 km in a day from solar energy alone.

The car comes with an option of electric charging that can be used in case of emergency. Lightyear 0 solar car can provide a free and eco-friendly yield of 6000-11000 kilometers in a year depending on the climate condition.

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Specifications of the World First Solar Car

world first solar car

Eco-friendly Vegan Interior of the world first solar car is crafted with plant-based leather seats and recycled plastic fabrics. This makes the car environmentally sustainable from in and out.

The solar car can comfortably seat 5 adult people including the driver. The overall interior experience will be naturally blooming.

The aerodynamic Exterior Design of the car would break the drag and slice the air with its record-breaking design technique. The weight of the body and chassis is brought to feather perfection with carbon-based fiber.

The solar panel is infused with technology that reduces the chance of grid charging. Moreover, the heat energy from the battery is reused to focus on minimum energy loss.

Lightyear is not only energy saving as it can catch a speed of up to 160km/h and reach from 0-100km/h in 10 seconds. The sustainable beast is on its way to competing with companies like Tesla with similar agenda of promoting EV Cars.

The army of Lightyear engineers has created a potential masterpiece that will cost around $263,000. Lightyear Company has already accepted 150 pre-orders and is looking forward to soon launching their sustainable solar car in the market.

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