What Friends Character Taught Us About Real Life!

F.R.I.E.N.D.S, the show with six people and that purple door which changed our lives.
Each one of them was different than the other but what held them together was their love and friendship, after all not all bonds that last need to be of blood, some bonds are made of so much more!

If you are a friends fan than you would’ve lived through all of their stories and emotions and might have learned so many life lessons form each one of them.
Here are a few things that Friends characters taught us:-

Rachel Green

rachel Green
Via: Hindustan Times

In the beginning, Rachel was this rich spoiled brat who needed her father’s money for everything but when she finally ran away from her wedding and decided to be independent, she became unstoppable. From making her career to being a single mom her journey is inspiring and teaches us that “we can be anything we want to be if we work hard for it”.

Monica Geller-Bing

Monica Gellar Friends
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From being the fat friend who never got any guy’s attention to becoming a gorgeous chef, she paved her way even with her constant need to keep things in control.
She had flaws but she owned them and accepted herself even though she had confidence issues and was overly competitive she always tried to be the best at everything that she does and that’s one hell of a lesson to learn in life!

Phoebe Buffay or Princess Banana Hammock

Phoebe Buffay Friends
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Okay, so Phoebe has a bad past, her mother killed herself and she was left with nothing but she was strong enough to survive on her own. She was weird in a lot of ways and not so talented when it came to creating music, but does this let her stop doing what she loves? Hell No! She doesn’t care if the world calls her weird, she believes in doing things she loves which makes her happy and don’t we all need this lesson to face the judgments of this cruel world!

Ross Geller

Ross Gellar Friends
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Ross and his series of failed marriages! We all know the pain of a broken relationship and facing three of them, that requires a heart made of steel. But, Ross never gave up on finding his one true love despite being mocked about his relationships and was persistent enough. Don’t we all need this hope that we will find our lobster eventually!

Joey Tribbiani

Joey Tribbiani Friends
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“How you doing”, did your heart melt a little? Well, Joey is the chick magnet but falls in love with Rachel and when things don’t turn out well, he is stuck in the friend zone. But, this doesn’t mean he doesn’t respect the boundaries, he sacrifices his happiness for Rachael by staying friends with her.
Another thing Joey taught us is that “rejections are a part of life”. He loved acting but faced multiple rejections but this never brought down his spirits and he kept trying harder until he finally had his dream career.

Chandler Bing

Chandler Bing Friends
Via: Screen Rant

You don’t always have to be good at giving advice, because chandler can interest you in a sarcastic comment. This character was downright funny and his lines were probably the best, although he had a difficult past with divorced parents and transgender father, he never let his insecurities win. He proved to be a great friend, loyal husband, loyal loving father.
He taught us that we are not the product of the past that we have endured or a mixture of our insecurities, we are so much more than that!

F.R.I.E.N.D.S. wasn’t just a TV show, it was an emotion which never made us feel alone.
Happy learning!

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