This year, Amazon’s Black Friday Sale may be best time for customers but its worse for Amazon employees.

They are working under too much pressure, not getting wages, working overtime, and facing salary cut too. 

Amazon's committee head in Germany said the company only cares about productivity and not workers 

Even old workers and those with limited mobility are also facing pressure in the name of productivity.

Due to which rallies and protests are being carried out in 40 countries including India, US, and UK.

Amazon workers in US are going to protest in front of Jeff Bezos’ apartment in New York.

They are also demanding increase in wages from £10.50 an hour to £15.

It’s time for Amazon to stop, said Christy Hoffman who is the campaign’s organizer.

She further said that Amazon should respect the law and negotiate with the workers.

Protest on Amazon Black Friday Sale is seen as response to slow economic growth of company and mass layoffs.