Things You Will Relate To If You Are Not So Girly Girl!

Are you the one who always gets teased by your male friends “for not being girly“?
If yes, then you are probably wondering why aren’t you not interested in things that other girls are into these days. I mean who made all these rules right?
Well, don’t worry! It’s okay to have a unique personality with different tastes.

Here are some things you will relate if you are not so “girly girl”

Makeup means Kajal and Lip Gloss

Via: A Fan Apart

You don’t buy into the idea that a woman has to spend tons of money on makeup products only to look beautiful. After all, beauty is what lies inside right? You prefer a moisturizer instead and when you do have to go out, you choose the perfectly safe kajal and a lip gloss.
After all, who wants to spend hours perfecting a winged eyeliner and applying products they’ll have to remove at night!

Shopping isn’t your Bae

Via: Tech Explorist

Girls love shopping! You are told this your entire life. But, you still can’t motivate yourself enough to go to a mall and spend hours looking at Products you don’t need. Window shopping is probably your nightmare and when you have to shop you have a hard time finding something you love!

You don’t see the point of wearing Heels

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No matter how good those heels look kept on that glass stand, you find them impractical and have sworn to keep your safe-distance from them. You have researched enough to know they are uncomfortable and painful after an hour of walking.

You run far far away from Drama


Some girls are always in the centre of a drama and some girls love to overreact. You just ignore drama altogether and would probably enjoy your own company instead. You don’t even tolerate it on screen and probably feel nauseated watching the overreaction of women in Indian television soaps. *Gag reflex activated*

You know the colours, not their 50 shades

Via: NinjaJournalist

You have a fair idea about the 7 colours of VIBGYOR but if someone asks you about the shades of pink you’ll probably know the light and the dark version. But, you have come to terms with this and prefer monochrome over everything!

Fries before guys

Via: Insider

You see girls hesitating to eat a burger or a cheese pizza before guys and you just can’t understand why! You will choose a big Mac for a date and have your little party without caring about the opinion of the guy. Food will always be your first love! *Heartbeat accelerates seeing your order arrive*

You don’t care about different hairstyles

Via: Odyssey

You don’t bother perfecting the so-called “messy bun” you’re a pro at it as it has always been your hairstyle while you ran late. You have your priorities straight when it comes to hairstyle, either it’s a messy bun or messy open hair. You don’t have time to watch youtube tutorials and torturing your hair with clips just to look conventionally pretty!

You have a unique personality and don’t let the world tell you otherwise.
Never stop being this amazing version of yourself!

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