Tech News: Spotify reconsidering block artiste feature


It looks the idea Spotify dismissed in 2017 is regarding look at a fresh start. Two years ago, Spotify concluded not to give a feature that would give users to block, hide, or mute artistes or tracks.

But, the feature turns out to be patiently under testing on the beta version on iOS. As per latest technology news, who early identified the feature, the block button obliges one to block music from an artiste on automatically curated playlists and global charts.

Still its not clear when the block button will be universally rolled out, However when rolled out, Spotify will let their user block music from any artiste you don’t want throughout the app. To listen to a song from a blocked artiste, you will have to unblock the artiste first.

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The feature is reachable from the menu on an artiste’s page. You can click on ‘Don’t play this artist’ to stop playing music from that artiste.