Shocking case filed against dancer Salman Yusuf Khan

On January 30, a molestation case has been filed against popular dancer Salman Yusuf Khan at the Oshiwara Police Station.

The victim who is a dancer herself alleged that Salman, along with his brother has tried to behave inappropriately with her on two different occasions.

As per the FIR filed, the victim was approached by the manager of the dancer while she was in London for work in August 2018.

Afterward, she met Salman at a coffee shop in Oshiwara Andheri, where Salman offered her an opportunity to perform in Bollywood Park, Dubai with him.

The victim said that Salman “touched her inappropriately” on the same day she was offered that opportunity after he offered to drop her home.

When she went against Salman’s behavior, he said that such things happened in Bollywood.

The victim filed an FIR and further goes on to add that following the incident, she received a call from the dancer’s manager regarding the work and left for Dubai on August 20, along with her dance group.

The victim asserted that, while in Dubai, on 30th August, Salman asked her to accompany him to Bollywood park resort in Bahrain, for another show.

After they reached the airport, Salman allegedly introduced her to his cousin brother, who, along with Salman, allegedly touched her inappropriately on their journey back to Dubai via car on November 3.

The victim claimed that Salman and his team harassed her and her troupe for days after the incident, and even threatened her with critical consequences.

He allegedly purposely and forcibly made them terminate their contracts and on November 10 sent her and her troupe flight tickets back to Mumbai when they refused to convince.

These incidents of harassment forced the victim to file a complaint against the dancer and his brother.

Salman, who gained popularity for his participation in popular reality shows, has also had successive works in Bollywood.

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