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Prashant Gade: A Real-Life Superhero For Specially Abled People

We live in a world where everyone is busy fulfilling their own dreams. But, some people are truly giving a different meaning to other’s lives. And these people are the ‘Real Blessing for Humankind’. Today, we will talk about Prashant Gade, founder of “Inali Foundation”, who aims to provide upper limbs to needy people at affordable prices.

Who is Prashant Gade?

Prashant Gade is an Indian entrepreneur, humanitarian, and writer. In 2016, he established Inali Foundation to provide prosthetic upper limbs to the people in need at affordable prices.

He was born and brought up in Khandwa (Madhya Pradesh). During his graduation, in the third year of electronic engineering, he quit his college because he did not find it beneficial and worthy. Thereafter, he pursued Robotics from Biomedical Research at MIT, Cambridge, Massachusetts through distance learning after completing a six-month FAB training course in Pune.

One day, Prashant had a conversation with a  seven-year-old girl, who was born without arms. The cost of prosthetic limbs is almost 24 lakhs, which cannot be afforded by a lot of people. That day, he decided to do something for her and started working in this field.


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At first, he found it difficult to arrange capital, but his vision influenced the Technical Secretary of Jaipur Foot, who got so impressed by this idea that he soon assisted him in designing seven prosthetic hands. In 2016, he introduced ‘Innovating New Abilities’ (INALI) to provide prosthetic limbs at a very affordable price to specially-abled people.

Inali Foundation: Giving A New Meaning To Life

Inali is a Non-Profit Organization with the goal of providing low-cost upper limbs to people who were born without them or lost them in an accident. It has a vision of creating economical assistive healthcare services for every section of society. 


This foundation provided over 1500 upper limbs in three years to people from all over India. It mostly emphasis providing services to the section of society which finds it difficult to afford medical assistance for their special needs. It produces, fabricates, and assembles all the entire limb in India itself. 

This Foundation provides two variants of upper limbs, namely, Mayo arm and simple silicon made cosmetic gloves. It has its office in Khandwa, Madhya Pradesh.


Prashant Gade is proving that humanity does exist and it takes a belief to be kind. He is truly a motivation to make this world a better place to live. So, like him, let’s start being kind by taking little baby steps. 


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