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OnePlus to Launch its First Ever Keyboard!! Check Out its Features…

OnePlus Keyboard is an all-invention from the company’s side. Oneplus has developed the product concept for November 2022. The all-new keyboard will launch with a double-gasket design and an aluminum body. OnePlus is trying to enter the keyboard market and may soon discover products like Monitors and CPUs as well.

OnePlus Keyboard Features 

The first keyboard created by OnePlus will be providing workspace minimalism and comes with touch evolved to enhance the user experience. The OnePlus Keyboard concept was discovered in November 2022. After that, in December, the team started the process of co-creation with users. Currently, the OnePlus Keyboard is in a rigorous testing phase and is expected to launch anytime in February.

Double Gasket Design

The gasket design gives a soft yet precise actuation with a sound that gets louder. The double gasket adds to this experience.

OnePlus Keyboard

Aluminum Body

The aluminum body is carefully crafted to be premium and beautiful. CNC aluminum manufacturing makes it smooth and cool.

Works for Both Mac and Windows

The OnePlus mechanical keyboard is designed for Mac and Windows users. It’s like the MacBook keyboard and works well with MS-Windows.

Customizable Features

Our new OnePlus mechanical keyboard empowers your digital lifestyle. Hot-swappable functionality allows for quick changes to switch settings for personalization.

OnePlus keyboard will have enhanced keyboard build with soundless buttons to enhance the user-experience. Moreover, the upcoming keyboard can have multiple customization options including a changeable keyboard caps option.
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