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Mozilla Finds 80% Of The Google Play App’s Safety Labels Inaccurate

The Mozilla group has alleged Google of misleadingly referring to apps as “Data Safe” approximately 80% of the time in its Play digital bazaar. 

On the alleged matter, the group’s report states that “Google Play Store’s Data Safety labels would have you trust that neither TikTok nor Twitter shares your important as well as personal data with third parties.”


The report further went on to state that, “the privacy policies of the apps, although, both specifically say that they share user details with advertisers, ISP, various platforms along with various other types of firms.”

The privacy-centered research group of Mozilla surveyed 40 apps and the accuracy of the self-reported detail their creators submitted to Google’s Data Safety Form- used to decide the ad giant’s data safety marks. 

40% had inconsistencies

Mozilla folk picked four out of five of the rating that was not correct, at the same time, 40% had major inconsistencies that should have gained apps a “Poor” rating for data safety. Just 15% would have got an “OK”.


Apps that gained the stamp of approval from researchers were: Stickman Legends, Offline Games, Power Amp Full Version Unlocker, League of Stickman: 2020 Ninja, Google Play Games, Subway Surfers, and Candy Crush Saga.

The condition of Paid apps seemed more dangerous than the unpaid ones. Half of Google Play’s top 20 paid apps were in the poor category. The category included Minecraft, Hitman Sniper, and Geometry Dash. 

6 of the top apps in “poor categories”


Among the top 20 free apps, six apps were in the poor categories like Facebook messenger, Samsung push services, Snapchat, Facebook lite, and Twitter. 

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As per Mozilla, one major drawback with the self-reporting theme is that it does not need developers to report that their app share data with service providers. 

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