5 Most Rare and Amazing Species You Would Barely See in Life

Our mother earth is full of countless species. And in all those years of exploring, we’ve discovered lakhs of bizarre creatures on our planet.

But still, there are so many species around the world we don’t even know that they exist while we don’t have much information about other rare species.

According to a report, there are around 8 million animal species worldwide, but we only know about 2 million.

Well, we can’t tell you about the rest 6 million, but we can tell you the 5 most rare and amazing species you would barely come across.

5 Most Rare and Amazing Species in the World

1. Barreleye Fish

Most Rare Species
via: mbari.org

Barreleye fish is the strangest creation of mother nature. At the first glance, it looks like a very fine work of VFX on a body of fish. But believe me, it’s not a creation of any computer work.

This fish is usually found in the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian Oceans. A barrel-shaped structure, tabular eyes and transparent forehead are specialities of this fish.

By seeing its picture, almost every person thinks that the two dots in front are the eyes of fish. But it is not correct. The real eyes are the two green half-spheres situated under their head.

That’s why their forehead is transparent and they can only see upward.

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2. Emperor Tamarin

Most Rare Species
via: nationalzoo.si.edu

Emperor Tamrin is a very different and rare species of monkey. Their moustache is the most special thing which makes it look like an emperor. And that’s the only reason they named Emperor Tamrin.

Although, they look like a monkey but don’t have any character like monkeys. They are omnivorous and very aggressive in nature. And the most important thing is that they always gave birth to twins, which is very unusual for monkeys.

Their height is only about 10 inches, but their tale is around 16 meters long.

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3. Pocket Shark

Pocket Shark
via: CBS News

Whenever we hear the name shark, we always imagine a big fat fish. But in 2017, humans captured a very different variety of sharks, which is only around 16 inches long. The researchers named it ‘Pocket Shark’.

Its shining body and different type of structure make it different from any other aquatic animal. They also release a blue light when they are in the water.

As per the research, they used to live in the depth of the ocean and that’s why they are one of the most rare species. They have only been seen twice in the history of all time.

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4. Fluffy Cow

Most Rare Species
via: trendoholics.com

Fluffy cow is a very rare breed of cow which is very famous for their lovely brown hair like Golden Retriever. You can only find them in Scotland and only a specific group of people rear fluffy cows.

They take special care of them to make as good as they look in the picture. Usually, they use them for shows. You may have also seen them on Instagram memes because there was a time when they went viral.

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5. Malayan Colugo

Malaya Colugo
via: Encyclopedia Britannica

Malayan Colugo, also known as Sunda Flying Lemur, is another animal that generally glides on trees. But they are very rare and hard to see in person. Humans have only seen them in some Southeast Asia nations like Myanmar, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia.

They are totally opposite to their name Sunda Flying Lemur because they do not fly and are not even a lemur.

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