Meet The Amazon Inc’s New CEO As Jeff Bezos Announced Resignation

After slipping one position down to become the world’s second richest person in 2021, Jeff Bezos has again slipped to one step. Yesterday, he announced resignation from the post of CEO of but he isn’t retiring completely.

Andy Jassy- Amazon Inc’s New CEO

Jeff will now serve as an Executive Chairman of the company and the new role of CEO is given to former technical assistant of Jeff, Mr. Andy Jassy.

Jeff Bezos

Jassy has been working with company as an executive and transformed Amazon from just an internet bookseller to one of the fastest growing cloud companies with his Amazon web services.

The subsidiary company AWS was started by Jassy in 2006 with a team of only 57 employees. Within 13 years, the company turned out to be a great success and it also benefited Amazon in great way.

As a result, Amazon Inc not only dominates the e-commerce market but also became the most comprehensive cloud computing company and now competes with giants like Google Cloud and Azure.

Jassy’s contribution in the success of Amazon is not the only reason why Jeff is very much sure about Andy. Jeff stated the reason in his letter to Amazon’s employees announcing his resignation.

“Andy is well known inside the company and has been at Amazon almost as long as I have.”

Though Amazon had one more Jeff who could be perfect for the role of CEO but Jeff Wilke, consumer chief, retired in August 2020. This made way for Andy to take over the position of CEO.

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Facts About New Amazon’s CEO

Amazon CEO

Partially Owns Pro Hockey Team

Andy is a sport lover particularly hockey and even after working with Amazon he never stopped his passion for hockey. In 2018, he became a partner of joint investor group NHL with a dream of bringing NHL to Seattle. It didn’t end here and he opened a sports bar within his home.

Andy Is A Multi-Millionaire

To-be CEO Andy owns Amazon’s stocks worth $30 million and has total net worth of $377 million. Although his net worth is very high to compete with Jeff Bezos total net worth $184 billion, after being the company’s CEO it would surely get a boost.

Working Since 1997

Andy Jassy joined Amazon soon after graduation from the Harvard Business School.

Sundar Pichai Welcomes Jeff Bezos To Earth Fund 

On his decision to end the 27 years long as Amazon’s CEO, Google CEO Sundar Pichai and Satya Nadella congratulated him and also welcomed Jeff to Day 1 of Earth Fund.

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