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Lahaul-Spiti Get’s The Snowfall In August For The First Time In 11 Years-Tourists Disjunct

Himachal Pradesh is facing a lot of problems due to the floods and landslides that have taken place in various areas. Lahaul and Spiti valleys of Himachal Pradesh are experiencing unseasonal snowfall that has left several tourists stranded.

According to the reports around 400 tourists are stuck in the snowfall for the past 48 hours. Out of the isolated tourists, 15 are from Spiti while 200 are from Lahaul. The temperature has dropped down to 0.1-degree celsius.


Pagal Nullah is currently the most unsafe crossing. Also, the roads that linked Piti and Keylong have either been washed away or blocked due to landslides.

Director of Meteorological Center in Shimla, Dr Manmohan Singh said,

“According to our records, snowfall in Spiti during this period is coming after 11 years. The last snowfall in Spiti (during this period) was in 2008. There is no record about Lahaul valley before, thus it is unusual.”

The crops of peas, apple and cauliflower have been damaged in the snow. This situation has deteriorated even more as now the farmers are only left with six months to grow back their crops.

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