Know the Real Story of KGF and Why it was called ‘The Little England of India’

The film industry is bringing more and more unheard stories of India on the screen but they always mold them according to the audience’s interest. Same with KGF whose Chapter 2 is released recently. Though it’s inspired by the real story of KGF (Kolar Gold Fields), the reality is masked with fiction.

There’s no Rocky Bhai in reality, no Adheera but the condition of mine workers and how outsiders exploited them and the City of Gold happened for real. There’s more to this, let’s turn the pages of history in this article.

KGF Real Story- The Beginning

kolar gold fields real story

100 km away from Bengaluru and only 30 km from Kolar is the most productive mining area in India. KGF is in the taluk town of Kolar which was first founded by the Western Gangas dynasty in the 2nd century. But, its active history of gold extracting began during the Chola Empire.

At that time, there were no machines to extract gold from the mines so only hands were used to dig gold. This led to several deaths and mining work was stopped.

But, it did not stop Bristihers’ desire to get gold and John Taylor III, a British mining engineer, took control in 1880. He set up a firm named John Taylor & Sons and brought electricity to the mines with the support of the Cauvery Power Plant in 1902.

Kolar Gold Fields was the world’s second and India’s first mining region to use electricity. Around 900 tonnes of gold has been extracted from KGF for more than 2000 years.

Conditions of Workers in KGF

kgf real story

Around 30 thousand workers and their families used to work and live in KGF. Even workers across the world were recruited to mine gold in the fields. However, only Indian workers were the ones doing the dangerous work but they were not among the ones getting good facilities. They used to live in one-room houses.

During the course of John’s firm, lavish bungalows, golf courses, social clubs, fitness clubs, and hospitals were built. However, these facilities were exclusive to only white workers. Towns were also developed for them and named after the then British officers. Kolar Gold Fields was then quoted as Little England.

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Facts About Kolar Gold Fields

  • KGF is 3000 meters deep and the world’s second deepest gold mine after the Mponeng Gold Mine of South Africa.
  • It was powered by Asia’s first hydroelectric station ‘Cauvery Power Plant.’
  • The field also has a laboratory where experiments were conducted at the depth of 8000 feet under the ground.
  • It was nationalized in 1956 and operated by Bharat Gold Mines Limited.

In 2001, mines were closed officially due to several health hazard issues and the dumping of nuclear fuel waste.



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