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Jai Bhim Movie Review: Suriya Highlights Dark Side Of Society In Hard-Hitting Drama

Jai Bhim is a must-watch movie not only for the south-Indian audience but for everyone. It is hailed as the most important film in Tamil Cinema. The story is not the only reason touted for this, the way director and cast caught the audience’s attention toward marginal communities is the real one. Read Jai Bhim movie review here to go deeper into the dark side of our society.

Jai Bhim Review: Suriya Dims Stardom To Uplift His Character In The Movie

jai bhim review

You will see very few movies that tell the story from the character’s point of view rather than highlighting lead actors. Jai Bhim is one best examples of this style. Suriya kept his heroism aside and doesn’t let it suppress the lawyer’s role that he’s playing in the film.

Talking about the story, Jai Bhim focuses on low castes and their suffering. Lijomol and Manikandan are playing the main characters- Sengenni and Rajakannu respectively here. They come from a small tribe and suddenly find themselves involved in a false case.

The male character goes missing after this for which her wife knocks on the door of Suriya who is playing as advocated Chandru. Jai Bhim plots the scenes from 1995 and shows how nothing has changed even in present.

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As the story grows, the darker side of police and those in power are reflected in the movie. One will find it an honest depiction of present-day society and the way people of lower caste are treated when they are stuck in such situations.

A a few points of time, the audience will find the movie disturbing as nothing is sugar-coated with heavy dialogues. The courtroom scenes especially bring realism on screen. Suriya on the other hand has played it like a real lawyer.

One can easily feel a connection with the character’s emotion and helplessness as shown in Jai Bhim. The after-effects will stay longer in your mind after watching the movie.

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Fans’ Honest Reaction On Jai Bhim Movie

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