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Google Cloud Comes to Harley Davidson New Serial 1 e-Bike Model

The pace at which technology is growing it’s won’t be wrong to say that one-day humans would be controlled by remote. Well, that’s a future thing, (we hope that day won’t come) but the new development in the technology and automobile world is already here. Harley Davidson to launch Serial 1 e-bike that will use Google Cloud as a feature.

Surprised! Serial 1 and Google Cloud are now partners and they are working on this new feature. Here are what you as a buyer can expect from this new experience.

What the New Harley Davidson e-Bike Can Do?

harley davidson serial 1 e bike

All the new models will be software-enabled which means they will have features beyond mechanical capabilities. In other words, e-bikes can do much more than just take you to the destination, here’s a list of activities makers are claiming bikes would do:

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Features of New Harley Davidson Serial 1 e-Bike

  • Tracking and collecting data about your regular trips
  • Providing navigation info at each turning point
  • Control security features
  • Connect your bike with your smartphone via GPS technology
  • Provide service updates automatically

A lot of features especially those related to safety and security will help riders in every situation and give them the best user experience that’s other bikes fail to five. Users can also measure the traveled distance or know their riding speed whenever they want.

harley davidson serial 1 e bike

Details of these including power status and more are displayed on the dashboard screen. All these features will be in the second generation bikes by Serial 1. There would be a few upgraded features such as pedal assisting function, flashing lights, and more.

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Furthermore, users can record their data and traveling points for future navigation. However, the company is not bringing any changes to the bikes’ physical appearance. Coming to its price range, Harley Davidson Serial 1 e-bikes will cost between $3,799 to $4,999.



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