Frequent ‘Selfie’ Takers Are Mostly Lonely, Insecure And Under Confident Says Study

Selfie is a boon or a curse is the biggest question to be asked to the current generation. The era of mobile phones has definitely connected distant people but created a gap with the near ones. You might make a video call to your friend living in another city but you would be busy taking selfies if you meet them live.

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If you plan out a reunion, there might be someone in your group who focuses more on clicking pictures than actually ‘Talking”.

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What Does The Study Say

According to the study conducted by Washington State University, people who post lots of selfies are generally looked at in a negative light by others.

“Frequent selfie-takers are almost universally viewed as less likeable, less successful, more insecure, and less open to new experiences than those who typically share photos of themselves taken by other people”, says the study.

The study illustrated examples which proved this statement. You come across a picture of two people travelling. Both post a picture with nature. One gets clicked by someone posing with nature. Whereas the other takes a selfie. The selfie picture is mostly considered a bit negative in this context.

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Also, the study says that people who focus more on taking selfies are often insecure, low in confidence and less likeable. Whereas people who pose are self-dependent, less lonely and more outgoing.

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“Instagram users who posted more posies than selfies were considered more adventurous, more outgoing, less lonely, more dependable, more successful, more self-confident, and better potential friends. On the other hand, accounts that posted more selfies were viewed in the opposite light; overwhelmingly negative,”.

The positive aspect of a selfie is you don’t have to ask any stranger to click your photo. But have you ever thought of its negative impression?

Next time if you click a selfie flaunting the confident flawless person you are, think twice. Are you on the positive or the negative aspect of it?

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