Delve Into The Egg Tales Around The World

How do you like eggs? Scrambled, boiled, or cooked whatever may be your choice; Taste and nutrition is guaranteed. But have you tried to be experimental with this simple ingredient? If not, pickled eggs can be your inspiration. This German delight is absolutely a strange dish but it is a popular snack and staple food in America, London, and Italy. There are many such bizarre egg tales around the world, Scroll up for more.

Egg Cocktails Of United Kingdom

We bet you haven’t thought about this one, even we are surprised to know that Egg cocktails are popular boozes in the United Kingdom especially the eggnog. Though it seems tough to imagine the liquid version of egg delicacies, making eggnog is pretty simple and is completely homemade stuff.

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All you need is brandy, rum, bourbon, and few eggs. Mix them all and enjoy chilled. But if you want the non-alcoholic version of eggnog, then here’s the recipe:

• Egg yolks- 6
• Milk- 2 cups
• Vanilla extract- quarter teaspoon
• Sugar- half-cup (not powdered)
• Ground nutmeg- half teaspoon
• Whipped cream- 1 cup
• Cinnamon and salt- just for flavor

Make a light and fluffy by mixing yolks and sugar. Meanwhile, mix the rest of the ingredients except vanilla in a medium-sized pan and cook at medium-high heat. Take just a spoonful of the mix and add to the fluffy eggs and whisk again. Keep repeating until the half of milk is added and then put the egg and milk mixture on the stove. Cook until it thickens and adds vanilla. Enjoy chilled!

Chinese Millennium Eggs

Guessing is easy by its name but No, they aren’t 100 years old. This popular Chinese recipe gets ready within weeks or months and can be prepared not just with chicken eggs, duck and quail eggs are also preferable ingredients for it.

egg recipes

However, its cooking process is a bit unique and weird too. It seems no less a chemical reaction as eggs are dipped in a solution of chemicals like sodium carbonate. That is why the eggs get a dark green appearance and taste alkaline. Traditionally, eggs were preserved in salt, quicklime, clay, ash, and rice hulls for weeks.

Thailand’s Duck Eggs Salad

Well, egg salads are a pretty good side-dish to have during a weight-loss diet but Thailand’s preserved eggs are not a world-famous recipe though duck eggs are more nutritious than chicken eggs. Thailand’s Yam Kai Yeow Maa is a popular preserved eggs recipe that is known for its dark brown color and unusual flavor.

egg salads
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Again chemistry plays a vital role in giving the brownish color and gelatin-like surface to the eggs. A unique ingredient goes into the recipe that is black tea leaves which gives the unique color after oxidizing eggs. Well, No comments on its taste!!!

Egg Shake

egg shakes

The above ones might not sound interesting and worth-trying but this one is a must-try for keto people. Low in carbs, full of protein, the egg shake is a creamy treat for keto people. We bet you’d love this keto shake, so we have got the recipe for you.

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• Eggs- 2
• Cream cheese- 3 tbsps
• Lemon juice- 1 tbsp
• Caramel topping- sugar-free (2 tbsps)
• Coldwater- half cup
• Ice cubes and salt flakes

Blend all the ingredients till it turns smooth and creamy, serve it chill.

Cambodian Grilled Eggs

Though the name and ingredients used to prepare grilled eggs are simple, the process of cooking is a bit tedious and requires experience. The curious chefs can try, here are the instructions:

egg recipes

  • Eggs
  • Fish sauce – 1tbsp for 12 grilled eggs
  • Brown sugar- 1 tbsp
  • Pepper- quarter teaspoon

Make a hole in the egg carefully using a large needle. This needs practice and precision as the hole should be large enough to empty the yolk. Take out the yolks, chefs do it in style by pushing the yolk out of the shell in just one blow. Can you do that?

The next step is preparing the steamer. Add sugar and sauce to the yolks, a little bit of pepper, and salt for taste. Pour the mix into the shells and steam the eggs for 20 minutes. Turn off the streamer once yolks mix starts popping out. Refrigerate for a night and grilled them the next day by pricking a skewer inside the shells. Peel them and enjoy hot.

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