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“Banking career : How Adda247 Can Help You Achieve Your Dreams”

In a country of millennials, the scarcity of having good jobs in private firms is common. Some wants a decade of experience and from whom, who has just passed from their college.

Freshers are not welcome with open hand and good salary always. Here comes the role of government job. The perception towards government job is very linear and has elevated with times.

But to get a job in any government field one needs to crack their exams. And to solve this issue, Adda247 comes to your help.

“A Decade of Success: How This Company is Helping Students Achieve Their Career Dreams”

The Initial Days of  Adda247

Adda247 is a prominent Edu-Tech platform founded in 2016 and headquartered in Gurgaon, Haryana. It has established itself as India’s largest platform in this domain, providing quality education to over 40 million users annually.

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Adda247 is committed to the mission of delivering high-quality education to every household in India, with a focus on aiding aspirants to succeed in government job exams. Its versatile offerings include various platforms such as Adda247 mobile app, Adda247 YouTube channels, bankersadda.com, sscadda.com, teachersadda.com, and Career Power.

The platform’s comprehensive range of educational resources comprises Online Live Classes, On-demand Video courses, Mock Tests, eBooks & Books, aimed at helping students achieve their goals in their career pursuits.

In the early days of Adda247 which is back in 2010, the founders Anil Nagar and Saurabh Bansal came up with the idea of Adda247 and they started a batch of around 29 students and surprisingly 25 students cleared their exams.

The Secret Ingredient of The Success of Adda247

Anil Nagar and Saurabh Bansal
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Anil Nagar and Saurabh Bansal are both IIT graduates and it is common for anyone to guess that they might start an education stream on the base of NEET, JEE or any certain fields. But according to sources, Anil says that everyone at that time everyone is getting into the same medical or MBA coaching institution line for the business. Like to invest, the read this Strengths and Weaknesses of Bitcoin (BTC)

The imperative of diversification

Seeing this made Anil to think twice the demand and the need of the country’s young mind and there they started to give banking exam preparation to the student and now there is hardly any student who did not know about this.

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Another reason for their success in the diversification of their firm. No media platform in left behind, whether Instagram, or Facebook or any other social media. They have their own YouTube channel. And even they provide some content for free on their channel which give them an added advantage.

Fame in a short time yet Adda247 emerged as one of the best studying apps

Whenever you search for banking exam preparations in google, google play store or apple app store the name Adda247 will be there in the list sometimes even at the top of list as well.  The regular engagement makes the student stay busy and active which help them to develop good things and a focused mind.

Adda247 app
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During the starting days of their apps the user interface was not that great but regular brushing and polish has made the app a great app nowadays. Know more about Inside Apple’s First Retail Store in India: A Visual Treat

The support system is also great and reviews says that the doubts are cleared most of the times. They sometimes for lure the students to get admission to their institution. The first user also gets some early bird offer as well.

Adda247 provides content in over 12 regional languages catering to a wide range of over 500 government exams. The organization aims to expand its presence in the vernacular domain by creating innovative courses and recruiting accomplished instructors for state-level examinations.

The company asserts that it currently boasts an estimated 22 million monthly active users and a noteworthy two million subscribers who pay for its services.

The $35 million dollar deal of Adda247

Adda247, a government test preparation platform, recently announced on October 12 that it successfully raised $35 million during a funding round, which was spearheaded by WestBridge Capital.

Notably, the funding round also attracted participation from several investors, including Google as a new investor, as well as existing investors such as Info Edge and Asha Impact. Also know more about 10 Best Small Business Ideas You Can Start Easily

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It is worth noting that this achievement is particularly noteworthy, given the current situation where edtech startups are encountering a funding crunch, largely due to the reopening of offline classes resulting in a stagnation of growth for online education platforms with new-age technology.

The company has announced that it will utilize the funds raised to bolster its technological and product capabilities, augment the size of its student counselling workforce, and recruit qualified individuals to fill important leadership positions.

Notably, Adda247 also intends to consider strategic acquisitions in the near future that will complement its existing government job preparation solutions.

The Future of Adda247

They haven’t broadcasted any future goals of their company. But if we look the past of the company, then we can say that the company is very dynamic in nature and follow the government guidelines very carefully.


They may conduct more web session or even offline session. The YouTube channel may show us new things which are catchier and more informative in nature.

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