This Country Sent 130 Billion Pound Bill To China For Damage Due To The Covid-19

China is facing allegation regarding the spread of coronavirus by major countries like the USA. Even European countries think that China has the biggest role in the spread of coronavirus.

Europe has witnessed around one lakh deaths due to this pandemic for which it blames China. As per the Express UK, Germany sends a 130-billion-pound to China regarding this loss. Not only Germany but countries like the UK, the US, and France criticize China after getting some findings that came regarding the outbreak of covid-19.


Bild, the largest tabloid newspaper of Germany has itemized an invoice for 130-billion-pound. This invoice is regarding the loss it has faced in tourism, film industry, airline, and other small business. In the newspaper, the country is asking whether China should pay for the damage occurring worldwide due to the coronavirus.

As per it, the country incurred a total loss of Euro 27 billion in tourism. The film industry faced the loss of euro 7.2 billion. An airline, Lufthansa incurred a loss of a million euros whereas small business is facing euro 50 billion.

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Chino owes 1,550 pounds/person of Germany as per the calculation of the Bild. The newspaper criticizing China says, ” the government already knew that it is a highly infectious virus but it kept everyone in the dark.”

Moreover, it did not respond at the right time. Also, the U.S President has warned China. He says if it is responsible for the outbreak then it has to face consequences.

China could have stopped it before it spread but it did not respond well and now the world is suffering.

Globally, the active cases are 24, 32, 092 and coronavirus took lives of 1, 66, 794 people so far. India has so far 17, 656 active cases of coronavirus where 559 has lost the battle.

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