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Red Flags To Check When Your Partner Use Creative Ways To Show Love

Here is bad news for those who are in love. Your partner might have hundreds of creative ways to show love, but this could be a part of a new dating trend. Love bombing is getting a new way to show affection to your love, which is scarier than it sounds.

At first, your partner showers gifts and love on you, but as soon as you fall completely for them, then they show their true colors. To help you out, here are few signs to identify your love bomber.

Ways To Say “I Love You” Without Words

creative ways to show love

When you are in love, you feel like saying those magical words often. But a mature partner doesn’t utter those words soon and takes some time. For them, these words have real meaning, and they will not say it just for the sake.

On the other hand, love bombers are very quick in expressing and saying, “I love you” in a hundred ways. They are simply words and don’t match with their actions.

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They Say The Right Words

creative ways to show love

Have you ever thought about how your partner says precisely the things that make you happy? And it happens all the time. Are they authentic or manipulating? Love bombers are great manipulators, and saying the right words in the right situations is a part of their strategy, which they will use later.

So, please don’t get so happy with their words.

Constantly Compliments You

creative ways to show love

Hearing compliments from your partner is the cutest thing in love, and most of the time, you dress up or do something for their sake. However, love bombers compliment you all the time, and their complements are only buttering.

Luckily, this is a natural sign to watch out as compliments are more connected to your inner guts. So, if you don’t feel pretty in a new dress, but your partner says how perfect you look, then it is a red flag. Their excessive and inauthentic compliments will make it easy to identify the truth.

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They Are Perfect

creative ways to show love

Love can be confusing, especially when you find your partner perfect. Well, nobody is perfect, and even a genuine person has flaws and problems. But love bombers try to seem perfect love for you.

They work hard and find creative ways to show love to become a perfect lover. Luckily, your guts warn you when something seems off. Believe them, and don’t fall for that perfectionist guy.

Love Bombers Are Quick

creative ways to show love

A guy you dated fell in love with you within a week and proposed to you. Ask you to move in with him or exchange meetings with the family. Everything happens in haste, and within a few months, he put a marriage proposal in front of you.

That’s pretty fast to believe. Love bombers rush for taking significant milestones in a relationship and try to lock you down early. So, if your new love is making quick decisions in relation, then it’s better to step back.

Ask them for more investment in your relationship to understand each other better. Completely know each other well and then take a step ahead. Always check for the red flags even if it’s the real deal.

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