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BMW Has Officially Unveiled The Next Generation 5 series

BMW has officially unveiled the next generation 5 series at the annual conference in 2023. The year 2023 is a very special year for the 5 series nameplate, as this year signifies the 50th anniversary of the same. The very first production was started in 1973. 

It is very important to note that the next-gen 5 series will be included in its electric model, which is copied from the i5. 


The global debut is not very far from now, first as a concept and production version has worked according to it. The brand new 5 series will be totally grounded on a flexible powertrain architecture.

Features of This BMW

The brand-new car will get a plug-in hybrid, mild hybrid, petrol, and diesel powertrain choices with the exception of the i5 EV. The dimension is larger as compared to G30 and will take on the latest curved display with OS8.5 inside the cabin.

There is a high probability that the i5 will share its powertrain with the i4 M50i, the automaker has left the hint. Also, it is been said that the i5 touring will be joining the i5 sedan in 2024. 


Let me tell you that the global launch of the next-gen BMW 5 series sedan is going to be organized in October this year. It will carry on to be made at the Dingolfing factory. 

The launch in India is anticipated just after it goes on sale in the international markets. Also, we are anticipating from i5 to make its way to the market in India. 

Price Of The Brand New Car

The brand-new BMW 5 Series is anticipated to be valued at between Rs 65.40 lakh and Rs 74.50 lakh in India (let me make you clear that the prices are ex-showroom). The newest 5 range will have rivals such as Mercedes-Benz E Class, the Audi A6, and the Volvo S90.

At the same time, the electric i5 is possible to take the place of the Mercedes EQE and the Audi A6 e-Tron. 


On the other hand, the new BMW X2 and the complete iX2 is possible to be introduced towards the end of this year. “This is so far BMW’s second BEV offering in the high-volume compact class. 

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Similar to the iX1, the iX2 is being made in Germany, at the Regensburg plant. It will be introduced at the end of 2023. E-mobility is a priority for the company and the firm measures itself against it. 

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