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11 Best Things You Will Love Doing In London

With its lively culture, royalties, and amazing attractions, London has always been one of the best-traveled destinations. While you may already have a long list of things to do on your trip, we have compiled the one with the selective best things to do in London. It is one of the most visited cities in the world with numerous interesting experiences to collect and cherish. With history, culture, and great architecture, it’s one of the most diverse cities around the world. Make sure you don’t miss out on anything while you’re finally here. Planning a perfect itinerary is important in order to live the best explorations ever.

Best Things To Do In London 

1. Witness Changing Of The Guards At Buckingham Palace 

Buckingham Palace Tour London
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Changing of the guards is a world-renowned spectacle that is held daily during summers and four days of the week at the other time of the year based on the weather. You will be able to explore the entire ceremony and know who does what.

Choose some of the best spots from where you can see everything clearly. We suggest you research more about the timings and related tour packages. You can also opt for a Buckingham Palace tour. Different options are available at a different time of the year. 

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2. Take Up A “Free” Walking Tour  

London free walking tour
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No matter how long you’re going to stay and explore London, you will be able to grab some of the best experiences around major London attractions. These walking tours also take you across various off beaten paths in London City. There are options for both guided and self-guided tours.

You will move across various attractions in the heart of the city, Westminster, and other major attractions. There are a lot of buildings and places to see here. Visitors are also offered street art tours, Harry Potter tours, and various others.

3. Explore The Tower Of London And Crown Jewels 

The Tower of London Exploration
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The Crown Jewels and the Tower Of London both are significant symbols of the British Monarchy. While exploring these and historical events related to them, you will be able to collect worthwhile experiences. All you need to do is research the best time to visit and available tours.

You should consider the fact that the London Pass and IVenture London Card includes the entrance to the Tower Of London and Crown Jewels for free. With an early bird Tower of London guided tour, you can reach here earlier.

4. Set Off For A Harry Potter Tour 

Harry Potter tour London
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Harry Potter fans can explore the different locations from the Harry Potter series while in London. You will find that most of the places in the city have been used as a backdrop. You can visit these places for free and take pictures. There are many major locations like Platform 9 3/4, Ministry of Magic, Diagon Alley, etc. Self-guided tours are common for Harry Potter fans. However, you can find a guided tour also on a pay-what-you-like basis.

5. Take A Street Art Tour In London 

London street art tour
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One of the world’s premier cities, London is home to some amazing street arts. Especially, London’s Shoreditch district is a perfect place to see excellent artworks alluring the walls of the city. You will find the works of world-renowned artists and various anonymous creators. If you are an art lover, you are definitely going to love these tours.

The area is beautifully jam-packed with interesting and eclectic street art. Thankfully, apart from this, there are many other popular places in London that are brimming with street art. You can easily find guided street art tours wherever you wish to visit. While you are here, you should also consider the free self-guided East London food tour.

 6. Take A Walk Across The Tower Bridge 

Tower Bridge London
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While you may have to pay a little fee for entering the Tower Bridge, It would cost you nothing to take a stroll across the Tower Bridge. Spending an evening to explore the illuminated London attraction would be a great idea. The tower bridge is known to open and close several times within a day. Therefore, make sure to consider the bridge schedule when you visit. Wherever you go, be prepared with the best research.  

7. St. Paul’s Cathedral And Westminster Abbey 

St Paul's Cathedral London
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Entering Westminster Abbey and St. Paul’s Cathedral is subject to a hefty price tag. If you are on a budget trip, there’s a way to explore these places for free! Both the churches hold service on weekday evenings and even on Sundays. These are free to attend to the public. However, the guests at the service cannot wander throughout the building.

This means you will not be able to experience any of the audio tours or explore the memorials and museums at the churches. However, you will be sitting in the main body of the building to attend church service. It would be one of the most breathtaking religious views in your life.

8. Collect Some Of The Best Views From The Sky Garden 

Sky Garden London
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Situated at the end of London’s newly established building, “Walkie Talkie,” The Sky garden is a free public garden, bar, and bistro. The views from here are spellbinding. You will be able to get the most beautiful glimpses of London city. The outdoor viewing balcony here closes at around 5. However, the atrium is open till late at night. We suggest you book your places in advance.

9. Piccadilly Circus 

Piccadilly Circus London
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The liveliness at this place is close to Times Square in New York. Well, the best part is that you can have a great time here without having to spend a dime. There would be people, a cacophony of buses, cars, and every other sound you can imagine, all around you. You can go and explore the central area. There are other areas around that you can explore for free, including Trafalgar Square, Leicester Square, Chinatown, and Soho. The Piccadilly circus Tour is held several times throughout a week; you may surely go for it.  

10. The British Museum 

British Museum London
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The British Museum was founded and opened to the public in the year 1753, portraying over 2 million years of history. There are various excellently carved sculptures, including the Rosetta Stone and Parthenon. They are placed along with the Ancient Egyptian Mummies and other major classic works. There are collections and artworks by artists from all over the world.

It is a free attraction in London. It would be great if you do away your research work before being here. It will help you to keep things clear and waste less time being confused. There are various other free museums in London that can be explored well. Look around for better options and set off. 

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11. Go Cruising Across The River Thames 

River Thames London
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The Thames is definitely one of the most important attractions in London. It is the longest river in England with absolutely surreal views all around. You will be able to see a glimpse of the prehistoric times and the Roman and English kings who have ruled here. Cursing across the River Thames will let you witness a lot of interesting things around.

There are various companies all over London that will offer perfect cruising experiences. It includes sightseeing, dining, and various other memorable experiences. There are cruises every 30 minutes from some major locations. You may also look for night cruises for romantic experiences. Night cruises also offer great dining options or at least a beautiful afternoon tea.  

London is filled with endless interesting explorations. Only a few of them are mentioned here. However, you can spend days and weeks exploring the city, its attractions, and culture. While you finally set off to one of your dream destinations, make sure you don’t miss anything special. With this list of attractions and the best things to do in London, plan an amazing trip.

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