Aryan Khan’s Bail Hearing Postpones, Know What Mukul Rohatgi Said To Defend Aryan

Aryan Khan is getting no bail even after top lawyers backed him. To support him and keep his points strongly in front of Bombay High Court, now a senior advocate of Supreme Court has dived into the Aryan Khan Drug case.

Mukul Rohatgi, also the 14th Attorney General of India, had a strong verbal debate with justice Sambre who is the only judge hearing Aryan’s bail today. Here are key points by Rohtagi that become a strong base for Aryan’s bail.

Insights From Aryan Khan Bail Hearing Today

aryan khan drug case
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1. Mukul Rohatgi reached the court this afternoon after which the hearing began. In his first point, he cleared that Aryan was a guest at the cruise ship to attend a party. He also named a man who invited both Aryan and his friend Arbaaz. They did not have tickets and were present as guests.

2. Secondly, he backed Aryan by saying that his client did not possess any drug. It was his friend who kept a small amount of drugs in his shoes. So there’s no point in keeping him in jail for this. It means a conspiracy charge is not applicable to Aryan.

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While keeping his points in front of the court, Rohtagi did not comment or say anything about any accusations against NCB officials.

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3. Third important thing was WhatsApp Chats. Rohatgi said the chats happened when Aryan was not in India so they should not be a matter of concern. He also argued that his mobile phone was not seized.

4. Rohatgi also clarified a relationship between Arbaaz and Aryan and said they did not share the bond of master-servant. Even if they had drugs on that day, they can’t be treated as criminals.

5. He also dragged the court’s attention toward cannabis legal status around the world saying “In the US and other parts of the world, cannabis is not banned as it has medicinal value.”

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aryan khan bail hearing
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Rohatgi, however, distanced himself to say anything to manager Pooja Dadlani and officials accused of extortions. He also avoided talking about Arbaaz but firmly stuck to Aryan Khan Bail’s plea. “Keeping in view the age, the boy should be granted bail,” were his words as quoted by India Today.

Aryan Khan’s bail hearing has now been extended to one more day.

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