13 Amazing Experiences To Never Miss In New York

New York is one of the best places you can ever explore. It is full of life, culture, and history. Wherever you go, you would have the best experiences and attractions surrounding you. Knowing the best options you have in a place is important so that you get the best in the first place. While you get to know more about the city from your favorite shows, make sure you don’t miss anything crucial. Apart from major city attractions, there are various other activities that will let you create memories for life and satiate the traveler in you. From the many attractions and city life, we have made a list of the best things to do in New York so that you plan an amazing trip.

Best Experiences In New York

1. Walk Across The Brooklyn Bridge

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You cannot keep yourself from exploring one of the popular landmarks and attractions in New York. Getting some of the best Instagrammable pictures becomes easier here. Linking Manhattan and Brooklyn, this bridge has turned out to be a common attraction among locals and tourists. It’s the first steel-wire suspension bridge in the world.

There are many historical events that relate to the bridge. One of them is the test of structural integrity which was proved by leading a parade of 21 elephants across the bridge. The two neo-Gothic towers add some drama to the bridge’s structure. Take a stroll along with one of the best-elevated walkways in New York.

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2. Visit The Statue Of Liberty

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The Statue Of Liberty is the New York attraction that attracts the highest number of visitors every year. This magnificent statue has gained prominence all over the world and has various historical events related to it. Sitting in the South of Manhattan, the Statue of Liberty can be visited via a round trip ferry ride or cruises.

There’s a lot to explore at the Ellis Island National Museum of Immigration and the Ellis Island National Park. Make sure to plan and get the tickets in advance if you want to elevate up to the pedestal or crown of the statue. You will need at least six hours for a perfect exploration here.

3. Spend Some Time At The Central Park

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The expansive, meadows, gardens, forests, and rolling hillsides at the Central Park will offer you a peaceful escapade. You can set off for a long walk of 58 miles within the park. It is a huge place with attractions more than you thought.

You will come across sculptures, monuments, fountains, arches, and bridges. There’s a zoo, an ice skating rink which is a major attraction during winters, a castle, and numerous playgrounds. Take a stroll around and try to find the hidden throughways that amid the foliage-covered tunnels.

4. Times Square And Broadway

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While exploring New York, there are many attractions you cannot afford to miss and Times Square is one of them. It is one of the most glimmering and colorful areas in NYC with illuminated billboards numerous shopping centers and restaurants. This place has a major role in turning the place into a cultural capital.

Once you’re here, make sure you watch a show at Broadway. There are numerous theatres with hundreds of seats. You should also explore the musical theatres that have been popular since the 20th century. More than anything, you will be intrigued by the attractive signs everywhere.

5. Empire State Building

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This colossal building is a sign of New York’s progressive nature and its ambitions back in the 30s. Well, even today it holds pride in being 44th tallest skyscraper. Its roof used to be the highest visible point in the city which got replaced by One World Trade Center Observatory in 2011. Watch the late-night city skyline from the 86th floor.

During the day you can see the spectacular views reaching out till Massachusetts and Pennsylvania. Nights are always the best, considering the fact that New York never sleeps. Also, make sure to visit the indoor observatory on the 102nd floor. Head over to the opulent Fifth Avenue and soak up the fantastic views all around you.

6. Have Some Fun At Coney Island

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Coney Island will never fail to offer you some funky, circus vibes. There’s a lot to grasp at beachfront American towns and areas that are full of old-timely charms. You will be availed with a wide range of options for food, drinks, and popular places to eat.

Coney Island is one of the common hangout places for both locals and tourists. Get on the famous Cyclone rollercoaster, take a stroll along the boardwalk. Make sure to explore the amusement park too.

7. The Metropolitan Museum Of Art

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There are various magnificent museums in New York and the Met is certainly the best of them. This museum has been the epicenter of culture and art for more than a century now. Its extensive collections and exhibitions will leave you intrigued.

The Gothic-Revival style building is an attraction itself. Exploring this magnificent museum is quite overwhelming. There are some amazing sights and creations within the museum which will become a part of your best memories in New York City.

8. Top Of The Rock

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The Rockefeller Plaza is one of the best Art Deco skyscrapers since the 1930s and also a destination for various amazing views. This observation deck is located just 260 meters below Midtown Street. It was designed like a deck of an ocean liner that looks stunning.

Although it’s 60 meters shorter than the Empire State Building, it is an equally preferable experience among tourists and locals. You will surely love being here. Make sure to take some good snaps. You will be able to see the views up to the Empire State Building, Central Park, and Midtown. On a clear day, everything looks just perfect to capture and stare.

9. Stroll Over The Highline

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The High Line is one of the best examples of how New York City is full of rehabbed spaces and sustainable creations. It is an elevated, multi-use public park made out of a 1.45-mile-long abandoned freight rail on Manhattan’s West End. It includes walkways, chaise lounges, and benches. You will feel great amid these unkempt harmonious spaces.

10. Visit Governor’s Island

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Situated in the heart of New York City, this beautiful isle is an interesting place to visit. It used to operate as a military base and was opened to the public a few years back. You can visit here from May to October.

Get a round trip ferry ticket and set off. However, New York residents with a valid state license can visit here for free. Various events are held here from time to time including pop-up dinners, music festivals, dance performances, and art exhibits. If you had been looking for a quick escape, this is it.

11. Spend A Day at The Bronx Zoo

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If you’re interested in some time amid wildlife, the Bronx Zoo will be a great option for you. Spanning over an area of 265 acres, this zoo is home to over 700 different animal species. It is definitely an important attraction for travelers who come with kids and family. This zoo in Manhattan mimics the natural habitats of all the animals living here.

You would enjoy watching the intelligent creation and creatures here. You will find flamingoes in the amazing sea bird aviary, house of reptiles, and sea lions. Plan to watch one of the shows here. It may not be a great option if you were looking for something relaxing but if you’re traveling with a bunch of kids, you must consider this one.

12. Museum Of Modern Art

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Situated in the heart of Midtown Manhattan, the MoMA is popular for its grandiose. You will mostly find great crowds at the museum. There are new displays from time to time. Travelers who are into art and history must consider this on their visiting list in NYC. The modern and diverse collections here will leave you awestruck. Observe these explicit creations and art galleries well.

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13. American Museum Of Natural History

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It is home to jaw-dropping collections of specimens belonging to different creatures and species. this museum is well-curated with much important information that will be loved by science and nature. A museum is a group of 28 interconnected buildings and 45 permanent exhibitions.

You can spend hours exploring more in your favorite fields including zoology, botany, geology, mineralogy, and anthropology. Fossil hall, giant dinosaur exhibits will be loved by both kids and adults. Also, make sure to observe the blue whale replica and Hayden Planetarium for a tour through space.

While you are in one of the best cities in the world, this list of best things to do in New York will help you execute a perfect travel experience. Plan well. Keep Exploring.

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