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Absurd Rules British Royal Family Has To Follow!

Being born in a Royal family and to live in a magnificent palace is a dream of many people. But, most of our dreams are based on what we saw in those Disney movies or the classic romantic comedies.

British Royal Family
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Although, being royal comes with great power and privileges it can be quite challenging as well.

Here is a list of some absurd rules that royals have to follow all the time.

No tiaras until marriage

Megan Markle Kate Middleton
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Every young girl wishes to wear a tiara as a child, but when it comes to royal family women aren’t allowed to wear a tiara until and unless they are married or it’s their wedding day. Tiara symbolizes losing their innocence and the crowning of love and the royal family still sticks by this tradition.

Shellfish is a big No!

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Royal family members often refuse eating shellfish not out of personal choice but because “ they are not allowed to”.
Shellfish is one of those food groups which carry a high risk of food poisoning and considering how outdated this rule is, in those times the cure for food poisoning and allergies wasn’t known. 
Even today, royal families tend to avoid it.

Always Carrying an all-black outfit while travelling

British Royal Family
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This may sound weird but all royals must carry an all-black outfit while travelling. No, this isn’t some style statement but just a precautionary measure.
In case if any of the royal family member or any important person die they should have a perfect mourning outfit ready.
After all, better to be safe than sorry!

Two heirs can’t travel together

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According to royal rules, two heirs cannot travel together. This rule is made to ensure that the successors are safe.
Surprisingly, this rule was broken by Prince William when he took his son, Prince George, and duchess of Cambridge to Australia and New Zealand.

No social media profiles

Megan Markle
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The royals are strictly told to follow this rule. They can’t make their profile on social media.  Although they do have profiles which are controlled by professionals who check each and everything before posting any tiny detail about them.
This rule was made to ensure that their personal information does not get leaked to the public.            Imagine living a lavish life but not able to post about it on Instagram!

No Bright Colour Manicure

British Royal Family Manicure
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No matter how attractive those latest nail art trends look or that bright-coloured manicure, no royal princess is allowed to fashion those. They are allowed only to have very mild nude shade manicure.

No Public Display Of Affection

British Royal Family
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Royal couples cannot kiss, hug or even hold hand in public. This is not a strict rule but Queen Elizabeth advises her grandchildren to follow this and behave properly in public.

Wear fur only occasionally

British Royal Family
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Royal members cannot wear fur unless the animal died of natural causes. This rule was made by Edward in 1137 stating that “No member of the royal family, as well as a man of the church, are allowed to wear fur”.
Although this rule is not followed strictly, the royal family has a reputation to care about animals and every time they wear fur, there are protests from animal activists.

Imagine following all these rules and many more your entire life. Still, think being a royal is all fun, I hope not!

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